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#FrameItFriday (week 31 season 4)

#FrameItFriday (week 31 season 4) Well, let's jump back a bit for a second now shall we? This time last year here's 3 things I never in a million years would have thought would happen: 1) Moving to the country B) Camping with my kids iii) All of us reading around a campfire on a rainy day Never say never I suppose. What a fantastic 3 day adventure I had with my kids and daughter-in-law last weekend. I didn't really give too much thought about how we'd get to our destination as I was just so thrilled to be able to spend time with them. Ok, I did buy myself one of those nice light sleeping bags and a blow up air mattress (in 10 huffs or so). I packed it all light. My daughter and I shared a back pack. I used my red hoodie to keep warm, as a pillow, as a cushion in my dry bag to protect my camera and lenses and most importantly to wipe my marshmallow hands on (in the pouch). I know, I'm gross lol. We had the time of our lives on THE BEST campsite I could ever dream of 2 lakes in from a busy cottage highway. We tackled those portages like a smooth oiled machine whilst getting eaten alive by deer flies but pushed through. I kept on saying "teamwork makes the dreamwork" and it's true, it's amazing what you can accomplish when you all work together. It was wonderful to see how knowledgeable my kids were and how keen they were to teach each other some new things too. I'm proud of them all, including my Grandpuppy who did some rock climbing much to our suprise. It's too bad I just saw the one loon at the end of the lake when we were leaving but I did have a chance to explore our campsite and beyond for mushrooms and moss and get sucked deeper and deeper into the woods, it was sooooooo quiet and peaceful. Heck I even got up before 6am each morning (mind you we were all in bed by 8pm the night before lol). Here's an interesting tidbit, I took 142 shots with my Canon1DX and 256 shots on my iPhone. I'm seriously giving some thought to switching my gear to something that weighs somewhere in between the camera and the phone because to be honest, lugging my big camera and the 2 lenses (100-400 and 24-105) was a huge pain in my arse. I said "thinking". So I've gone as far as uploading camping shots to my computer and I hope to be posting them shortly (LOTS of cool mushroom shots) and give you a break from the heron shot invasion. Thanks for all of your comments, likes and shares and welcome to my new followers! There's more to divulge in time but our little town is having a HUGE garage sale at this theatre/antique store and it starts in 1/2 hour. Apparently I've picked up a bit of the bug for up cycling and re-purposing (mostly for the free stuff). Have a GREAT long weekend and stay safe! Peace, love and kumbaya Heather #PhotoBlog #CanonGirl #KayakCameraGirl #HeatherCardlePhotographer

P.S.-I'd like to thank my daughter-in-law Lisa for finding the best campsite EVER and planning the entire trip and my son Ryan for all of his expertise in surviving in the great outdoors and portaging and Shannon for all her help with getting there and surviving there and her eagerness to learn. I'd never done it without you 3, love yous!

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