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#FrameItFriday (week 31, season 3)

#FrameItFriday! (week 31, season 3)

Well if it isn't another Friday and the end of the month of July, halfway done summer. Sorry, tis true. BUTTTTT it's a long weekend for some of us folks.

By now us newbie covid gardeners should at least have produced one red tomato right? (asking for a friend) I was out the other day inspecting the successes and massive failures of my first attempt at a legit vegetable garden (all 0.0000125 acres of it). Mostly I was hoping to see at LEAST ONE red tomato and I did. I also planted far too much cilantro but that's ok because it flowered and it looks quite pretty and the butterflies love it. My radishes were pathetic because I planted them too close and they came out like tiny carrots with stems in them. I could go on but you'd need a nap. One thing I did discover were all these tiny little cocoons on my tomato plants, clumps of them! As I leaned in for a closer look I realized they were clustered on the back of a finger thick long juicy green caterpillar (it had excellent camouflage).

I had to hit the google up to find out what this creature is all about, most importantly.....what is it called? It's a Tomato Hornworm if you didn't already know. In the image I've shown you he is hosting a tiny beneficial insect called a Braconid Wasps. It's gross but they suck out his innards. Hopefully they don't eat them all and the Hornworm morphs into a cool looking moth. The whole thing is pretty cool with a twist of grossness. I'm leaving the cool lime green things on my tomato plant. The most it will munch on are the plant leaves, I've read they rarely hit in on the tomatoes (if I believe everything I read on the internet). So they can stay if there's any more. Not much of a photography story this week is it? Sorry.....can't always talk shop, even if it's a photo blog on a photo page lol. Did you pick up gardening this year because of Covid? Are you growing veggies? Have you harvested alot yet? I'm 100% certain all the veggies we have will all ripen while we're away and the neighbours will reap the benefits but I hope I'm wrong. Show me your veggies! Have a SAFE long weekend. Peace, love and kumbaya, Heather #PhotoBlog #CanonGirl #KayakCameraGirl #HeatherCardlePhotographer#FollowMe

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