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#FrameItFriday (week 31, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 31, season 2)

This past week was a blur, my brain is cluttered like a hoarder's house. Ask my husband, he'd agree and also lovingly say "honey if you had a single intelligent thought inside your head it would die of loneliness". I don't mind, it's true except for the fact that I could still edit photos and take photos. That's it, nothing more, but thank god at least I could still do that. You know what all that means? Heather. Needs. A. Holiday. It's happening in a few days time.

The music festival was fantastic. I was far less panicked about being in the pit for 3 songs only and in fact, found it to be just enough time to get some shots.

I don't know if anyone really cares but I brought 4 lenses and 2 cameras with me. Here's what I brought: 24-70mm, 15-30mm, 70-200mm and 100-400mm I never used my 100-400mm for one single shot. Why? I found my 70-200mm to be adequate enough. I was a Girl Guide back in the day and their motto is "Be Prepared" I still have a love/hate relationship with my 24-70mm and I can't explain why. I brought along my Canon 6D and Canon 1DX camera bodies. In and out of the pit with two cameras usually with my 15-30mm on one and my 70-200mm on the other. The 15-30mm lens (Stewie as I call it) was a dream lens because I loved how some of my shots turned out when those musicians hovered almost on top of me on the brink of the stage. I shot conservatively, just shy of 1,000 images. Bored of the technical gear jibber jabber yet?

I was happy to squeeze in a fun shoot with a talented young dancer this week as well. It gave me a break from editing all those festival pics. I'm relieved to get the festival shots out of the way....did you see all the albums I posted? Check them out, I'm pretty proud of them.

So far I've only managed to post 2 sneak peeks of the my fav dancer (one is here on this blog and the other I posted I think just the other day). It was the leap shot in the middle of my street. My normally quiet street became a freeway as soon as we stepped out on to the road to shoot. We took turns shouting "car" during the street session. You should have seen all the people watching us including my buddy Mike who parked his noisy running dump truck at the curb and leapt along the boulevard in his vibrant orange t-shirt out of camera range. (nice run-on sentence eh?) We had my iPhone blasting tunes through my bluetooth speaker. It was fun.

I did other things this past week, non camera related but now it is time to get through the dance shots and pack up for a much needed holiday. So, on that note, the next two weeks on my page will either be a series of re-runs or some nature and wildlife shots taken from the kayak but not from the inflatable Bahama Wave raft. The raft is reserved for mindless floating, staring at the sky with the occassional rollover and splash in the lake. The raft will also be used for the consumption of an occasional adult beverage and hanging out with the family whilst it is tied up to the dock.

I've a feeling August will fly by. I hope you get a chance to get some down time before the kids return to school. Time for me to pack my bags.

Peace, Love and Kumbaya


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P.S.-those point shoes take seconds to destroy your feet so next time you meet a dancer wearing them, hug them. Those shoes are BRUTAL. They're my heroes for wearing them and dancing in them.

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