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#FrameItFriday (week 30, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 30, season 2)

Well hello again Friday and wait, what's this? It's almost August already...crikey! What have you done with your summer so far? Are you cramming a bunch of "tourist" stuff all into August or have you spaced it out all through the summer? Or just taking it easy and enjoying a Staycation?

After a year hiatus I am venturing back into the music festival shooting scene and attending Wtfest 2019 tomorrow (July 27th). They've got a great lineup of local and international talent performing all day long headlined by Juno Award winning the Sheepdogs​, The Beaches, Ascot Royals, Bonds Of Mara , Ruby's Revenge , The Good Goddamns, SIVLE, Moonlight Desires and Fool's Union.

(the photo is from WTFest 2017 Sumo Cyco, Skye Sweetnam) if you buy your ticket today it's $28, tomorrow it will cost you $40 but that's STILL a deal.

My feet are not happy though (I JUST got them clean looking after WTFest2017I ) They're already whining about all the walking and sweating I'll be doing but it will be great exercise. I'm still deciding what camera gear to bring along for the day, which lenses (they all weigh a ton). Lots of decisions to make. It should be an exciting fun-packed day listening to a plethora of fine Canadian talent!

I'm a tad late posting today due to an early morning meeting and an out of town shoot. I won't complain, I got out exploring on my way in and out of town....still I need far more time (oops there I am complaining).

Do you have a festival you attend religiously year after year? I'd be curious to know which one and what it's all about. Time to end the blog, it's late in the day and where I type this from (the front porch) is becoming crowded with chatty people and they're distracting me. I'm sure I just heard a tin of beer being cracked's 5 o'clock somewhere.

Have a groovy weekend from my scattered brain and my camera.

Peace, Love and Kumbaya!


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