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#FrameItFriday (week 30, season 2)

One of my routes out of town had this sweet looking red barn on it. It was abandoned but looks lovely. It's on a busy road, lots of construction, etc etc. Tricky to stop and grab a shot. I'd vow every time I pass it I'd take a shot of it. Ya, well...that never happened. I drove past it yesterday (the remains of it). Torn down. I cried and kicked myself in the arse for not ever getting a photo of it. you can tell, it was not the same with "The Guyitt House". It's THE MOST photographed abandoned house in Ontario. It was love at first sight when I first drove past this place. I guess I've been stalking it ever since. I'm certain I've been by there prior 2015 but I won't be able to confirm that until I can figure out how to browse an old external hard drive I did back ups to. This whole album was created all because of that image I was searching for the past few weeks. It kind of forced me off the backroads and on to my porch looking through hundreds of 1,000 of images I've taken over the past 8 years.....whilst playing the role of mad squirrel I began to toss shots of abandoned houses I've taken during this time frame. Thank god for the digital age where you can actually check when they were shot or I'd be screwed. I'll tell you this, I wish I'd set up the GPS feature on my camera because there's at least 2 abandoned I can't for the life of me find again. I shall persevere and get back in my buggy and scour the backroads and find them....I hope. I'm so, so glad I have shots of this place though, The Guyitt House and also thrilled to know the owner is looking after it, kind of. The lawn looks great and the house seems happy the way it is. This album shows the house in it's "as shot" state. I've actually sold many prints of it in a dressed up in post state too. They look cool and if you want to purchase a copy of the "most photographed abandoned house in Ontario" message me. I have some other "regulars" I have taken over the years...may post them at a later date. Feel free to share, like, comment, follow me. Thanks if you've read this! Have a great weekend! Peace, Love and Kumbaya Heather #BrantfordPhotographer #CanonGirl #PhotoBlog #Blogging #HeatherCardlePhotographer #FollowMeOverHere

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