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#FrameItFriday (week 3 season 5)

#FrameItFriday (week 3 season 5)

"You'll never find your gold on a sandy beach You'll never drill for oil on a city street I know you're looking for a ruby in a mountain of rocks But there ain't no Coup de Ville hiding at the bottom Of a Cracker Jack box" Two Out of Three Ain't Bad Sung by Meat Loaf Written by Jim Steinman

I wanted to pay tribute to the man who's songs we would dance to in high school, you know, the "last slow songs of the night" kind of tunes. Thank you Meat Loaf, RIP I strategically picked lyrics that would kind of flow into and have meaning to accompany this photo I've posted. I've wanted to get back up to Algonquin Provincial Park, it's been a while and combo that with recent photos posted by others from up there fuelled my desire to get up there soon. I ordered my park pass (which is supposed to be good at all provincial parks) and it arrived the day before yesterday. I hung it with the previous years passes on my car's rearview mirror and got up at the butt crack of dawn yesterday morning and made the trek up there. It's a 2 hour car ride from Tweed which is a far cry from a 4+ hr drive from my old home town. I honestly have these delusions of entering the park from the east gates and the entire hwy. 60 route Walt flippin' Disney delivers roadside picture perfect images of all the wildlife you could ever dream of or take photos of all perfectly staged at various mile markers along the roadway. Ya RIGHT LOL. You know which ones, I go on about them all the time on this page. The moose, the wolves, the fox, the Loons, the Pine Martens, the Gray Jays, the beaver, etc, etc, etc. Truth is I travelled highway 60 east to west and back stopping in certain spots that were plowed out. It was -26º outside and I had the proper attire onboard but the sizzle of excitement I felt the night before I left soon died down to me thinking "do I really want dress up to lug my gear along a trail that hasn't been walked on since the last dumping of snow?" That would be a "nope". I'm sure if I wasn't solo we'd have said to each other "let's just do it". I'd convinced myself my goal of getting up there had turned in to a re-con mission, ya, that's right. It was a gorgeous day though. I had made myself a lunch (in my dreams I had pictured myself on one of the trail's lookouts all cosy in my winter wardrobe perched on a rocky cliff overlooking the magnificent park landscape.) Instead I settled for getting the crap scared out of me by not one but TWO of Algonquin's magnificent Ravens whilst munching my sandwich in the partially plowed out parking lot at the entrance to Arowhon Road. This was not this pair of Raven's first rodeo, clever birds, wise birds, hungry birds. I chatted with them (Walt Disney would have too, come on!). They cocked their heads side to side as if understanding me or perhaps in disbelief that I would actually speak at all (they don't know me very well lol). They could care less what I jabbered on about, they wanted my sandwich and that's all. So, back to the song lyrics.....I got to go to the park and I got to meet a pair of Ravens, I'll get the 3rd next time I'm up there I hope. (the 3rd is the trifecta of any of the previously mentioned animals, birds). Two out of 3 ain't bad. Peace, love and kumbaya, Heather #PhotoBlog #CanonGirl #HeatherCardlePhotographer #AlgonquinPark #OntarioProvincialPark #ParkPass #YoursToDiscover #MeatLoaf

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