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#FrameItFriday (week 3, season 4)

#FrameItFriday (week 3 season 4)

Eye spy with my little, we're in lockdown now and my exploring radius has shrivelled down to staying very close to home for my road trips. I've been remaining in our county for the most part when the weather permits us to go out for exercise and giddy up back to the homestead once we're done. I've been killing two birds with one stone (figuratively speaking of course)....go out for a walk and get our steps in and snapping a few photos along the way. Up until today I've been stepping out with my 100-400 lens, you know, because I've been on the hunt for BIRDS (I told you I don't throw stones). Honestly, that lens is like carrying a log of wood but I'll bet it's heavier than a log. In using this lens it enables me to be a bit further away from my subject without spooking them while I grab my shots. Now if only the birds would remain still for long enough while I raise my camera, point it and shoot it. I have many images of empty branches or tail end of a jay or cardinal. The quickest I must say are those little Chickadees, light as a Kleenex with sharp little nails. They occasionally dawdle on the palm of your seed filled outstretched hand, hunting and pecking for that favourite sunflower seed.

Ok, enough about that, I'm writing this in my kitchen and beside me on the counter is a grocery list. On the fridge hangs a blank whiteboard (seems as though no-one in our house wishes to sign up for Chef duties so we're having NOTHING for dinner, ever lol). So why get groceries right? Out in the living room scattered all over the coffee table sits 500 pieces of a wooden puzzle I ordered prior to Christmas with a few edges done. Sidetrack for a second: have any of you ever done a puzzle that has letters on the backs of the pieces? Isn't that cheating kind of? Although, maybe the puzzle people are trying to totally mess me up even more with the mystery letters (A-F)? ALL of the aforementioned in the previous paragraph are making me feel anxious about getting them done, like RIGHT NOW so I will end this rambling confusing chopped up blog and appease my anxiety. Anyone know which store carries Matzo Bread? I don't want to bake it, I just want to grab it from the box and smother it with peanut butter. Should I make that for dinner tonight? Stay safe everyone. Peace, love and kumbaya, Heather

P.S.-The photo has nothing to do with what I've written in the blog, nothing, zip, nada. It's a picture of the ruins of the mill in Glen Morris, Ontario in case you're wondering.

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