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#FrameItFriday (week 28 season 5)

#FrameItFriday (week 28 season 5)

Hey, here we are again, another Friday! I thought that I'd post these 2 photos my husband took of me photographing loons. It would appear that all I had to do was wave my wand and they'd magically appear before Not quite, but I swear sometimes they pop up out of nowhere.

Here's the deal, when I first began photographing loons with my very first Canon Rebel ti? I believe and a 75-300mm lens attached. I THINK it was with that camera (I've cycled through a few) ANYHOW, the loons would be specks on the lake, it would be wavy and I could never get close enough but I'd take the shots anyways just to say "see that speck, that's a loon!" A photo of wavy water with a black speck in the middle, it was still exciting, I mean it's a learning curve right? Actually, contrary to what some may think, I do not know everything and am constantly learning. On this particular day the above images were taken these loons couldn't care less if I was there and trust me, I did paddle closer to them, absolutely but not THAT close. When I get in shooting mode I don't particularly pay attention to anything else, I shoot and drift, shoot and drift. When I cannot nail the focus on what I'm shooting it's usually because they're less than 10 ft away from me. That has been happening a lot lately, the loons (not all, but some) have become so habituated. I mean look at the photos, while I'm so "focussed" or trying to focus in front of my kayak, one pops up behind my kayak, just a few short feet away. I think they were playing with me. I've said it many times I love Loons, I love photographing them, I love watching them and man, when they paddle past you this close, it's breathtaking. Surprisingly too, they are quite a large size, some almost Canada goose size. You won't get any scientific, biological info off me about them but I do know this...if you see them and they're "fishing" save your energy and camera cards space until that part of the day when their belly is full and it's time to groom. I love getting shots when they groom, so far this year I've not been in the right place or right time for that. Also, baby loons are popping up and it's always lovely to see them (I'm batting zero for babies this year so far) you will need a far longer lens than a 300mm to keep a safe distance and not freak out the parents or get attacked by mum or dad. I do not plan to get as close to them as you see here, it would seem that I've done it intentionally but these guys seen here are just taunting and playing with me. They must be juvies from last year, teens mucking about, socializing with one another. Looking for me to take a decent shot so they can use it for their insta page lol.

Obviously I am out of stories this week and decided to babble about this, hope you don't mind. I'm shooting an important wedding in Toronto tomorrow so my mind is pre-occupied and every single outlet in the kitchen has my camera batteries plugged into them in preparation for tomorrow, I've got butterflies in my stomach. Do you think 2 cameras will be enough? How many lenses do you think I'm taking?

Ok, got to go jump in the river and cool off and settle down. Wish me luck!

Peace, love and kumbaya,


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