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#FrameItFriday (week 28 season 4)

#FrameItFriday (week 28 season 4)

This is the oddest July I have experienced in a long time, so, much rain! I mean rain is good, it helps fill the well, fill the pond, overflow the flowerpots and drown the gardens. Being housebound due to the monsoons we've been experiencing has forced me to focus on the closets around our home that had stuff flung into them from our move. No photography, just re-organizing. In homes pushing 143 years old you discover the odd things that need to be fixed up. Nothing major (fingers crossed) but things like maybe the big bag of bird seed should not be kept in the closet downstairs. I duct taped a hole in the side of it, vacuumed up the spillage and the mouse droppings. It would appear the house cat was correct to stand guard at certain areas of the kitchen and back hall for good reason. Mickey and Minny Mouse apparently reside with us as well. I don't recall receiving any rent off of them. So after a thorough vacuuming some holes were plugged in the floors and missing baseboard and trim were installed to keep them from coming up from the basement. Traps were smeared with peanut butter and set in the location where they destroyed the birdseed and the cat resumes her watch just outside the door for added security. Clever little mice so they are. Upon checking the traps this morning it would appear they licked all the peanut butter clean off the traps without getting nailed by the hammer of death. Different techniques were used in the second application of the peanut butter and now we wait. It feels good to get things put in place where we need it without climbing over boxes and bins. It is also exciting to find things that you haven't seen and discover you already have 5 or 6 of. We're also relieved to be double vaccinated so that it will allow all of our family to gather for more than an hour outside. I'm sure many of you can agree with me on that. So ya, not much pictures were taken except for when I went on a dump run the other day. We no longer have the luxury of taking our garbage to the curb for pick up instead we take our blue bins and garbage down the road a ways to the dump. The turkey vultures were having turf wars there when I went. See the guy in the photo? He got booted off by another vulture right after I took this shot, like body checked. Speaking of body checking, sorry to all my Habs fans for their loss in the Stanley Cup finals. Oh and I found my stash of photo props! Holy smokes do I ever have a lot of them. Funky dresses I've picked up, hats, signs etc. etc. cue the commercial....looking to get some family photos done? Let's take some! PM me if you're in need...surely to god you've just got your covid haircut done by now and are looking pretty spiffy right?

Peace, love and kumbaya, Heather

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