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#FrameItFriday (week 28, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 28, season 2)

Just like this bird, that's how I've felt these past few weeks. Headless and in a trance. This past Monday I hit the proverbial "window" and plummeted to the ground below. BUT I feel better now, not to make all my blog posts about my stages of grief but I thought I'd fill you in a teensy bit, well, because I'm human after all. GOOD NEWS everyone, I kept the pump organ, I hope to have it home soon earning it's keep in the odd photo shoot (which by the way I have someone booked for already!) I have no clue where I'll store it, except for the old stand by garage where we all keep our crap right? No car, just stuff. One thing, when your time is up....and you think your family will want to have that huge "miniature house collection" or the "fine China collection" they won't, well most of them won't because they've no room or they'd rather have dishes they can use and put in the microwave or dishwasher. You can barely give it away at a garage sale or sell it online. You know what really matters? Photographs. Seriously, at least for me it was all the photos I found in the most obscure places. I gathered up as much as I could and have them all in a big pile and I plan to go through them all one rainy day and either put them in a PHOTO ALBUM (remember those ?) or send them to the person who's in them or frame and display them. Just saying.

Ok, time for me to end this blog for this week. I'm ramping up for a bit of an adventure in a few weeks time and I can't WAIT! Looking forward to dawdling about with my camera on shore, on the water and spend some quality time swimming in the lake and chilling on our new acquisition #BahamaWaveIsland. Got any holidays planned? Staycation? I'd love to hear about it. Have a great weekend!

Peace, love and kumbaya Heather

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