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#FrameItFriday (week 28, season 2)

Thong Man, Friday the 13th, Port Dover, Ontario, Canada

#FrameItFriday (week 28, season 2)

FIRST OF ALL, I'D LIKE TO SAY A HUGE THANKS for all of you who read, shared, liked, commented on last weeks Cat and Kitten blog. I'm happy to say that mama and baby are doing well and although they've yet to go to their forever home they are being well taken care of and fed by a few folks near by.

Forget about superstitions and all in Port Dover they will be celebrating the 65th Friday the 13th Ride to Dover. I've been to about 7 or 8 of them. Most Fridays I drove down (In my car) and parked in a field and took a school bus into town to see the bikes and bikers. Twice I rode in on my motorcycle and parked right on the main drag alongside about 5,000 other motorcycles. I've gone when it's been chilly and when it was smoking hot out. One person we all waited to get a glimpse of, a selfie with or just a stealth shot is #ThongMan. You've seen me post photos of him before. On Friday February 13th (forget the year) he wore a cupid thong and as you can see in this shot....Easter was close by.

My decision to attend and capture this event is usually last minute being that I am not a huge fan of crowds. Having said that, here I am pounding out this blog in a rush to get ready to join quite likely 99,999 other bikers, biker wanna be's and fans of large crowds in the lovely lakeside town of Port Dover, Ontario to celebrate the 65th Friday the 13th Ride. I was curious to see what ThongMan was wearing (you know like what will Don Cherry wear on Coach's Corner). I found out yesterday that a few weeks ago Thong Man was in a serious motorcycle accident and is in a body cast recovering. I'm so glad to hear he is recovering but sad that he will NOT be attending today's ride. According to what I've read, there will be a few "Get Well You Dirty Old Man" Cards being passed around for best wishes signatures today by those who know him or of him. I'm hoping he'll be watching by webcam or something today as it is not quite a Friday the 13th in Dover without him!

Oh gee, I almost forgot I heard this as well....... #WomenWhoRide is attempting to break a world record for number of women riders in attendance today. Ladies, before you fire up your engines here is where you find out about how this world record will be accomplished!

Off I go, wish me luck and stop back here in a day or so, I may have some photos posted.

Peace, Love and Kumbaya Heather

P.S.-Get well soon #ThongMan you will be missed today! xo

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