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#FrameItFriday (week 27 season 5)

#FrameItFriday (week 27 season 5)

Well looky here, if it weren't for the Canadian flag on her ball cap I'd swear #StellaCat has gone all Handmaid on us or perhaps both? Regardless of her "I'm going to get you for this mum" look, Stella is extremely grateful to live in a country that permits her to nap 23 hrs a day and get an hour off to eat, get brushed and watch birds from the safety of her screened in porch. We are all grateful and fortunate to live in the most amazing place on the planet. So, Canada's 155 today, got any plans? We're headed to town in a few hours to watch our 2nd Tweed Canada Day parade and head on over to the legion for lunch and check out the entertainment in the park. Maybe I'll get my face painted :) What are you all up to, tell me in the comments below please.

It's going to be a low key day for us as we're having a garage/barn sale tomorrow. Currently the garage looks like a bomb went off in it and I have to get up super early (ugh) tomorrow morning to fling the garage contents out on to the driveway in a somewhat orderly fashion and hawk stuff that has been dragged around with me for far too long. Other than the set up at the butt crack of dawn, I'm actually excited to see who shows up and hopefully buys stuff. We are also attending a potluck, karaoke, campfire down the road from us tomorrow evening which is always fun times. It's going to be the busiest weekend we've had since pre-covid and I'm looking forward to it all and will most likely spend all day Sunday in the hammock out back recovering lol. I shall endeavour to take some shots at some point. I hope my fellow Canadians get an opportunity to celebrate our country's birthday in a safe and fun manner in whatever way you see fit. Ok, enough jibber-jabber from me, time to put on my red party dress and go to town!

Peace, love and kumbaya,


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