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#FrameItFriday (week 26 season 5)

#FrameItFriday (week 26 season 5)

After checking "the weather" a mind numbing trillion times (apparently it's a Canadian's favourite app)we finally said "*uck it" and headed out for another paddle. Being that we have an annual provincial park pass we decided to head over to Sharbot Lake Provincial Park and test the waters there. Just as we pulled up to the launch to take the yaks off the racks 3 juvenile loons paraded by, our triple sign of hope. I broke into a little shoreline happy dance and couldn't give a poop that it was clouding over and misting a bit. A snake swam by as well. I think we found a good place to go and take wildlife shots at. Talk about a perfect day (although some sun would have been nice) it was warm enough and oh so smooth enough I could have paddled for days like that. If Tinder (the dating site) was a real place, Sharbot Lake is THE place to be for all those "sexy, single and looking to mingle" birds of feathers. It was crazy, we saw 13 loons (all ravenous growing teenagers with only fish on the brain and no signs of grooming, maybe pre-teens). Tip: if they're fishing you'll get a TON of shots of them peering beneath the water and disappearing constantly, not fun to shoot. It's when they're doing their daily preening, that's the shots you want. They were hangry and were swimming beneath our kayaks like fighter jets looking for food, that was cool to see. They were also so chill they'd pop up a couple of feet from us, startling but exhilarating at the same time. They really are enormous. We stumbled upon a trio of Merganser gals that looked all dolled up, perfect hair, perfectly applied lipstick on their beaks (it looked like lipstick to me lol) paddling around looking for a party. We saw a nesting Osprey, some snakes, 13 loons, 5 Mergansers, turtles, a weasel......I think that's all. It 4 glorious hours of paddling and whoever is in charge of the weather, you SUCK! Storm at 1pm??? Didn't happen. I think those guys gotta stop crying wolf because now I don't believe them when they send alerts to my phone "heavy rainstorms in your area at 1pm". I don't believe them. That's actually not very good because if it did get bad like they say, I would not want to be out in the kayak but on the other hand "waiting to see what the weather will do" just to be safe, sounds about as exciting as watching paint dry. Many missed opportunities. How many times a day do you check the weather app? I'm glad we went, it was so wonderful, can't wait to show you the photos, stay tuned! Don't forget, if you like an image I post, DM me I sell my shots, thanks!

Peace, love and kumbaya,


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