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#FrameItFriday (week 27 season 4)

#FrameItFriday (week 27 season 4)

Last Sunday morning was insane around our house, specifically out the back. It began by seeing but mostly hearing this little dude, freshly fledged. In fact I believe that the occupants of any and all active bird nests within a 1km radius of our place decided to fledge early that morning. All the newbie pilots decided to sputter and flutter to the nearest thing that they could land on. This little cutie chose our deck. The trees were alive with frantic chirps from anxious parents and impatient "I'm hangry" squacks, awkward fly-bys. It was like Walmart on Boxing Day. In spite of all the ruckus it was pretty entertaining. I walked right up to this little guy to check and make sure he hadn't hit a window. He was playing possum with me and took to the air eventually once I fluttered my hand in his face. I do believe a couple of his siblings were stuck in our patio umbrella because the mum was flying round and round the top of it screeching at it. I used my iNaturalist bird app on this little cutie, it SAID this little guy is a Northern Waterthrush. I hope my bird nerd buddies agree.

So it's a short one today folks, with all that rain we've had lately and predictions for more on the way I have a teensy window to do some weeding in the vegetable garden (I've got 20 tomato plants that are almost as tall as me) that need checking over and we've got to head to the Depot in Kingston to pick up the last window air conditioner they have. Sleeping on the couch because it's cooler is only fun when you're going down for a nap, nothing longer. Whatever you get up to, take it easy and enjoy. Talk soon.

Peace, love and kumbaya


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