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#FrameItFriday (week 26 season 4)

#FrameItFriday (week 26 season 4)

"Hop on, there's room." Goals. For me as a photographer one shot on my bucket list was a frog on a lily pad. Got it finally! I'm gradually getting my shoot and paddle skills in sync. I had the whole winter off, kind of tricky to train when you're in the great white north and the frogs hibernate and the waters freeze over. I might add my kayak will not fit in our bathtub. Ha. Ha. It's surprising the amount of wildlife that lurks in the greens of those stagnant looking marshy bits you come across on the rivers and lakes. If you're all splashy and noisy going through the duck weed and lily pads you'll scare it all away. It's enticing to me to explore these spaces and if there's a teensy bit of a breeze while you're out there seeking these creatures the less chance you'll get eaten alive by the pests that these guys feed on. Isn't this guy cute? He knows it too, thus his willingness to pose instead of hop off the pad and swim off. Perhaps a big snapping turtle lurked beneath him and he was frozen in fear. Whatever the reason, I'm grateful and was able to cross this shot off my list. Today, according to the "weather reports" will be the last time for a number of days that it's going to be dry and warm enough to get back out there on the water. I know we need the rain so I won't complain as we've got 15 tomato plants in the garden loaded with tiny dark green baby tomatoes. After we finish our rock collecting for our fire pit and pond wall this morning we hope the weather holds long enough to get back in the "yaks" and find some more unusual creatures to photograph. Cross a couple of more things off that list. I cannot believe the variety of turtles I've seen as well. Imagine that, me, excited to see turtles. Yes that's correct. Two days ago I spotted two turtles in our pond. Seems our bachelor turtle has met up with a pretty partner or it has a sibling. We've cleared a couple of openings around our pond and placed some mid-sized flat rocks along the shore in hopes of creating a nice basking spot for them or the large bullfrog(s) I've seen. Today I've moved my workspace on to the back screened in porch and as I type this there's a big ruckus over the pond created by a Kingfisher! That's a first for me here as well, I'd recognize that annoying chatter anywhere. Behind me I hear the Downy Woodpecker couple hammering away on the trunk of a tree no doubt in a frenzy to find food to feed their ravenous babies. That seems to be the norm around here right now as it is everywhere when its spring, the sweet songs calls to mate have been replaced by frantic squawking of burnt out parents trying to keep up with the grocery supply to their newly hatched starving young 'uns. Ahhh, the circle of life.

So, it's time to finish up my coffee, put on my boots, bug spray up and head down to the tractor (yes, in case you hadn't heard, the Lawn Boy got his mower along with a sturdy metal trailer)as we're going to grab us a few more rocks. The paddling will be our reward if we have any energy left after rock hunting. Channelling our inner Fred Flinstone, wish us luck. Happy Friday, stay safe!

Peace, love and kumbaya, Heather

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