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#FrameItFriday (week 25 season 6)

#FrameItFriday (week 25 season 6)

Welp, we're halfway through the year and on the brink of our Canada Day long weekend. I remember back in the day when my kids were younger and we lived along a pretty busy highway. The holiday weekend mass exodus began sometimes Thursday night but the heavy traffic happened mostly on the Friday. I'd watch the cars roll slowly by, some had trailers attached, bikes mounted, stuffed rear windows full of random things you need or don't need "up north" and pet dogs hanging their snouts out the window, kids strapped in the backseats, playing on their gameboys, etc. You get the picture with my long ass sentence? I was jealous because back then (BC-before camera) I was usually working as we had our own real estate biz. Work before play. I just had a flashback to those days, not sure why I told y'all. Oh wait, could it be because I'm not sure what to write about this week? Probably. These things are usually written "on the fly".

It's still muggy here, my eyeglasses are fogging up as I type this and beads of sweat are forming on my upper lip. As you know, the weather has been pretty crap due to the smoke drifting down from the northern forest fires. In spite of the fires my son and his wife are off on an Algonquin back country 5 day 4 night 4 different campsites adventure, portages galore. They've been planning for over a year, I hope the smoke clears and they finish the entire route. Fingers are crossed. I'm excited to see their photos and hear their stories!

I get to puppy sit for them. Usually Kiddo their eldest pup accompanies them on their journey but newly adopted "little sister Ellie" has yet to even swim, let alone sit in a canoe for 5 days straight. She'll have to be slowly introduced to those activities. So puppy sitting and shooting a 2 day country music festival complete with a weekend pass that permits "backstage" access. I'm not so sure they want ME back there with all the musicians. I promise I'll behave myself.

These words are just ramblings....and here's some more....I'm going to do a "chicken" shoot soon so I'm making plans for that.

I shot some AMAZING drag queens this past week and am overwhelmed with all the images I took. Best stay tuned for a photo dump of shots from that shortly. I took the backroads home from the theatre the other night. Ever been so far from the city and experience pitch black? Driving along a winding curvy hilly road with the car's high beams on cresting at the top of a hill where before me it looks like the dark abyss lay ahead past where my high beams lights end. Exhiliarating actually and this past drive reminded me of the days I used to play "haunted road" with my kids. Another time I'll talk about that. My blog is going in circles around the drain so I best end it. Also the resident goddess (StellaCat) has just taken a dump in the litter box! I'm gagging here.

On that precious note, have a fabulous Canada Day because if you are one of the lucky ones to be living here, get out and explore our beautiful backyard, oh and take pictures while you're at it.

Peace, love and kumbaya,


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