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#FrameItFriday (week 25 season 5)

#FrameItFriday (week 25 season 5)

Finally, finally, finally met up with a Merganser family this past week. It was not a planned shoot, it all began with this family hiding out along the shore in the shrubs on the lake we were paddling on. They startled the heck out of me when they panic escaped into the waters ahead of me. After a frenzy of "walking on water" up the lake a bit with her 7 cotton ball babies they eventually settled on to mom's back (that epic shot I've dreamed of) and continued to the shore of a nearby island. From a safe distance we followed them for a bit. Suffice it to say I made up for that time unbeknownst to me a few years back when I'd slept in at the cottage and Paul was up at the butt-crack of dawn taking photos of "my dream lifer shot". I was so disappointed to have missed it (the mother and babies, not the butt-crack of dawn), so the other day (years later) after about 185 shots, one of my dreams came true. So prepare for some of those shots showing up on here beginning next Tuesday. At the onset of our paddle on a new to us lake it wasn't looking that great for wildlife, it was nap time or whatever. We saw the same heron flying back and forth to fishing spots but it wasn't until about an hour in that the Merganser family made an appearance and about 20 minutes after that we spotted a solo loon that was eventually joined by his mate. We will definitely be checking back in at that lake as it is reasonably close to home.

I don't know if a lot of you see my TikToks that I share on here (check in under "my stories" I think that's where they go) anyhow I kid you not I've nudged so many turtles off the road over the past few weeks it's crazy. I've also seen many dead ones run over and that's so sad. I happened upon a hefty gal a couple of days ago and posted a video story of it. I did NOT video me removing it from the road though. Try recording a video on your phone in one hand and shovel a chunky grumpy snapper off the road.Silly gal was just over the crest of a hill and oncoming cars would have flown over that hill and pancaked her so I had to do something. The sumac branch I found didn't cut it but 2 carloads of ladies came along and one brought out a small snow shovel with a handle of about 2.5ft long (not quite as long as the neck of the snapper). 20 minutes later after a comedy show starring me I got the gal off the road and on to the grass. Was she EVER pissed at me but I kept saying "I'm saving your life girl, you should be less of a bitch about it". Roadside cheer from the gals in the car, I did a quick bow (my legs by then were shaking like jelly and my heart was racing like a time bomb). I learned some new turtle jousting techniques and am prepared for the next run-in with one WHICH I read this morning that after all the rain we had yesterday (and the tornado) there will be more out crossing the roads in the next coming days, keep them safe!

I hope my neighbours survived that tornado that barely touched us (thank god) but did some serious damage to the south of us get cleaned up quick with minimal damage and are not hurt.

Peace, love and kumbaya,


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