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#FrameItFriday (week 25 season 4)

#FrameItFriday (week 25 season 4)

I told my family that I'm trying to do better at keeping track of the days of the week. Acknowledging the fact that it's the weekend and stuff like that. Not to worry, I won't take it as far as putting on "days of the week" underwear to track the days though, nah I'll just check my phone or iPad. I'd ask that google home thing we've got but she doesn't play well with our internet. She keeps on making some excuse like "I can't do that right now, something went wrong" every time we ask her so I just unplugged her and stuffed her in a drawer, she's too nosy anyhow. I honestly can't say why I had such a conversation with my family about the importance of what day of the week it is....wait, now I remember, I just don't like going places on the weekend since lockdown rules have been lifted somewhat and waiting in insane lines to get into stores....I'd rather pick weeds in my garden during peak mosquito hours than wait in line to buy something. That is why we went last Monday to get new shoes, less people (so we thought). I'm sorry I have 3 pairs of rubber boots to return to Canadian Tire because I ordered them online and they looked "big enough to fit me". You have to actually sit down and try the shoes on and walk around in them to see how comfy they are. So we were successful and are now in the process of working those new shoes in and trying to keep them clean looking for at least a week or two. Why am I telling you all of this? Probably because I've had less and less time behind my camera lately and it's all I can think of to talk about with you this week, hopefully that will change come next week. Fingers are crossed. I've placed a few irons in the fire to see what will happen with them and hope to have some new work coming my way, we shall see.

Let's talk a bit about this photo now shall we? This guy/gal, not sure....lives along the Moira River a hop skip and a jump from our house. He's the same guy I see there every time we paddle, how do I know that? He's got a bum foot (you can't see it in this photo) but that is how I know. He shares the territory with the Green Heron I posted the other day. Look at him doing a riverside meditation while I paddled up to him. So peaceful and calm in spite of his beak being open. He's reflective much like I will be the rest of the day. It's the 2nd anniversary of my wee mum Betty Boop passing, probably pretty close to this very time I am typing this, she quietly slipped away. I miss her, I think I'll take her jar of ashes for a car ride into town, she'd like that.

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Peace, love and kumbaya,


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