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#FrameItFriday (week 24 season 4)

#FrameItFriday (week 24 season 4)

Some mornings you just wake up and hit the ground running, that would be today. My walking buddy came up with a great idea for our daily walks: let's avoid the trails and the mesh hoods and walk the road right outside our front door instead. For the most part we've come back from our new walk route with far less blood donations and we free up the rest of our day for other things such as chores.

Having not ever seriously tried to grow vegetables, we planted a few we truly enjoy to eat in to the raised beds beside our house. Some we bought were already begun to grow and some we planted from seed. We're not talking acres here, more like square inches ha....ha.....seriously, I'm a bit of a brown thumb. I never gave much thought to growing carrots but the Lawn Boy here had a vision of rows of them. I bought a couple of packs of seeds to fulfill his dream and we put them in a few weeks ago. Have you seen the size of carrot seeds? They're like specks of pepper (not the size of the kind you freshly grind, the kind you get in those little packs from a fast food joint). My eye site for things of this microscopic size is not good at all. As the rows of seeds I put in begin to pop out of the earth you can tell out of the 100 seeds I thought I spaced evenly are pretty much choking each other out and there's bald spots where I missed. I have to purge them and in doing so we'll most likely end up harvesting about 3 or 4 skinny little carrots. Hopefully. I'll keep you posted.

Speaking of "harvest", let's talk about this photo I posted here now shall we? It's all I got this week because I haven't had a chance to get out much with the camera. We first came across this field at the beginning of the week on our new walk route. Rather than blasting tunes on our ear buds we walk and chat and ponder in silence as we get in our steps. As soon as I spotted this field I began to count the hay rolls on the field and calculated how many more bales the farmer would yield when done. He had 32 rolls and 6 rows left to roll. I was betting on a yield of 50 bales. On our return past the farm we met the farmer, his name is Clarence and I think he's about 75 years old. We conversed roadside while he stood up at the entrance to his barn, his neat and tidy barn. He sells the hay (for how much I do not know) and I proceeded to tell him how many he had so far and how much he had left to roll. As if he didn't already know that right? He was hoping for 50. Today I went by and he was out there retrieving the final bales, he had 7 to put on his tractor. Sadly, I don't think he met his quota. That's how it goes in the farming business, you rely so much on the weather, it's a crap shoot what you'll yield. Anyhow, as we waved farewell to Clarence today and we passed by his mailbox I realized his last name matched the street name. His farm must have been in his family for many generations so that must be why the street is named after him. Cool eh? So on that happy note, since we've graduated somewhat from lockdown, after I go to a store and buy some new underwear and shorts I will be available to take family photos again, so shoot me a message and let's get you booked up now shall we? I know I'm going down to speak to Clarence about getting some proper shots of him and his sweet family farm. What is/was the first thing YOU did today to celebrate "non lockdown"? (keep it clean)

Peace, love and kumbaya


(FYI I do believe my recent blog ramblings are akin to me breathing all of this fine country air)

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