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#FrameItFriday (week 24, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 24, season 2)

Happy Friday, brink of Father's Day......I have some nice last minute canvas framed shots available for purchase if you're in need of a unique last minute present for your Dad and are local, or a gift certificate for a photo shoot from me.

If you're lucky to have your dad around still, I hope you get to hang out with him. My dad (Bill) is up in heaven (I'm pretty sure he's there in spite of his non-stop use of the "f" word). I miss him, we all miss him.....the aggravated little Scotsman lol. Happy Father's Day to all you dad's out there!

In case you were wondering, I have not got my lens Lulu back yet. I did hear from the company via email just after I posted my blog last week. It's supposedly "In the queue" for a repair tech to see it. It must be one heck of a 'queue" or they're very, very slow at this repair place.

I sure could have used Little Lulu yesterday down at the river when I finally, finally saw a Great Blue Heron. Actually, I saw two, most likely a couple. I used my 70-200 lens and snapped a shot of one flying across the river. It was hiding along the banks of the river, just 10 feet below me but I didn't see it until it pretty much flew out beneath my feet. Of course I was standing there, mouth agape muttering a few non ladylike words. I slow motion raised the mighty, inadequate 200 lens to my eyeball and machine gun shot the heron in flight. How did the shots turn out? Well let's just say I won't be posting one any time soon.

So about the photo accompanying today's blog....looks like broccoli growing doesn't it? It's from a plant that is about 5'4" (my height) and it will grow alot taller. The broccoli will begin to grow out and take an umbrella shape and the flowers will resemble enormous Queen Anne's Lace. Are you with me still? Listen to me, and trust me on this one.....DO NOT TOUCH IT, don't touch it's stem, it's leaves, don't pull it down to smell the flowers, nothing, nada, hands OFF! That plant is dangerous, it will burn your skin with the most disgusting painful puss filled blisters ever seen. Sorry if you're eating but seriously don't touch it. The reason why I'm telling you is because if you haven't been out on the trails yet and plan on it....they're out there growing like crazy. Of course I can't remember it's name but do you really need it's name? Who cares, just know what it looks like. There's also Stinging Nettle and Poison Ivy (no photos of them) they're just as bad. Leaves of three leave them be. I saw all 3 yesterday as I walked along the trail by the river. There's also mosquitos, we can't forget them. I'm not trying to scare you from getting out there, just reminding you to be prepared when you do. I'm also a mother, it's my job.

Today I'm off to shoot at a charity golf tournament for our local SPCA. I THINK it's my 4th year and I'm always excited to see who gets to join me in the golf cart to roam the course and take shots with me. One year it was this 125lb teddy bear dog, he liked to sit on my gas pedal foot. We were zooming all over the place, dangerously fun.

Abrupt ending....look at the time! Whatever you get up to this weekend, be safe and enjoy!

Peace, love and kumbaya


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This ain't broccoli..........

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