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#FrameItFriday (week 23 season 5)

#FrameItFriday (week 23 season 5)

Well, for two weeks a portion of our patio was off limits as a pair of Robins set up their nursery in one of our planters. Initially 5 blue eggs were laid in this surprisingly tiny but tidy nest. 4 yellow beaks eventually appeared and for pretty much 2 weeks straight their bright yellow beaks pointed skyward for non-stop all you can eat fly by feedings. The airways around our house are congested with takeoffs and landings from dawn til dusk. It was pretty cool to watch and the parents got used to us being nearby allowing us the occasional closeup shot of their progress with our phones. I firmly believe mum and dad were grateful and relieved the day I went in a tad close and one of the "babies" fledged the nest with one of the parents chasing after it to see where it got to. They were all gone the next day, I started the ball rolling as the parents silently cheered, lol. We even installed a wicker basket beneath the nest just in case one of the babies farted out one of its siblings, the nest was that jam packed. Except for one wayward poop the nest is all ready for the next round of eggs. The parents are not only supervising their latest brood that are hiding out nearby waiting for free handouts from mum and dad, they are also protecting the empty nest as they've got it leased for at least another month lol. There's also House Wrens in a birdhouse by our bunky that has sprung to life with parents darting in and out all day long. Finally, a Vireo built the sweetest little basket nest outside of our living room window, although I haven't seen the little cutie since construction finished. I hope it returns and lays eggs, that would be sweet. I just have to remember to peek a look out the window instead of standing there in full view waving at it and saying "hi cute little bird", they don't like that. I haven't even mentioned the variety of frogs I've seen in and around the pond, the bunny, the occasional squirrel and chipmunk, the turtle, the teensy fish and the Green Heron. We love having them around as they enjoy dining on the mosquitos and black flies that are out in full force. I just thought I'd talk about birds and bugs etc this week because, why not, tis the season. Have a great weekend!

Oh, the photo of the choir? Last family photo as they all fledged 2 days later.

Peace, love and kumbaya,


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