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#FrameItFriday (week 23, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 23, season 2)

Welcome to the 23rd week of season 2 of my blog. Just like today, I write it the morning of and give it a quick read and say "*uck it" and hit the "share now" button and pray. I also LOVE to make the longest sentences known to mankind.

I don't want to jinx us Ontarians but doesn't it feel like it's almost June weather? I mean, at the beginning of the week it was borderline late October, early November weather but my "hairometer" is saying warmth and humidity are very close by.

So like I warned you, my photos will be all over the map in the next couple of weeks. Between house shots and private shoots I've had a teensy window of opportunity to take some fun for me shots. I went to our local zoo for a few hours this week and was back at my fav theatre as well. Yesterday was the first time in weeks I had a chance to explore some backroads and use my provincial park pass at a few stops along the way. Oh the picture I grabbed a quick night shot of said fav theatre and it's beautiful new marquee that was installed just in time to celebrate the Sanderson Centre's 100th birthday later this year. It looks sweet eh?

Today I've decided to throw the big yellow banana (my kayak) into the back of my car and go re-visit a spot I haven't been to in a few years. Before I do that, I have to pick up my glasses, I broke them last week (they don't like being walked on apparently, who does now really right?). I hope to have some interesting shots for you in the days to come.

It's supposed to be a stellar weekend for gorgeous weather, lets pray that's not a myth. Enjoy and be safe!

Peace, love and kumbaya, Heather

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**FYI-I forgot to proofread and spell check this week, just warning you**

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