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#FrameItFriday (week 22 season 6)

#FrameItFriday (week 22 season 6)

What a week eh? Holy smokes (in case you didn't know mucho wildfires) I do believe we've been given the all clear (in our area) for air quality finally out of the super dangerous level zone. We even got a teensy smattering of rain but more is on the horizon for the gardeners and farmers. Landscapers will have to hold off with the mower for a bit and that sadly will make it trickier to cut once the skies clear. You can't have it both ways.

I've spent some time on the roads these past few nights commuting to a couple of venues for shows. There are a lot of fabulous performers in our midst and I was fortunate to see a few and they were incredible! The roads to reach them however had my car feeling like it was a tiny aluminum fishing boat bouncing across the Bay of Quinte, I swear, PEC you should do something about that hwy.49 yikes!

Enough of my whining, check out these 4 shots. My husband hollered up the stairs this morning that one of those "what's it called again? It's a heron thing, it's prowling around the shore of the pond". It was a pre-coffee call to grab my camera and get my butt out in the yard. In my head I was excited to see yet another visitor to the pond but my body was saying "cawfeeeeeeee". I grabbed my lens, flicked the kettle on as I passed it by and headed out back to see the Bittern raiding our space. The camo on these birds is exceptional so I waited for the tall grass to wiggle and then I finally spotted it, it was hangry and it was hunting. As we stood swatting mosquitoes we took some shots and finally it caught a fish and gulped it down like it was chocolate milk. I swear it looks like it dislocates it's jaw to eat. So, between the Otter and the Heron we will most likely have no fish left in the pond. I must google if they eat turtles (I sure hope not and I haven't seen ours in a few days). I tried that little camo tent by the pond this week and I do fit in it but it's like a mini sauna and a couple of 100 mosquitoes followed me in to it as well. After I killed them all I peered through the screens of the tent and realized that with all my swatting inside the tent had caused it to point in the wrong direction and my pond view had suddenly changed to a view of a tree stump and tall grass. I will attempt to sit in it once the mosquitoes back down a bit, so maybe Fall?

I hope the rain holds off for a bit, I'm supposed to go visit my buddy's chickens this afternoon. I hope your weekend is swell. Peace, love and kumbaya,


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