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#FrameItFriday (week 22, season 3)

#FrameItFriday (week 22 season 3)

Let's just jump right in to this week's blog shall we? If you've followed me for a bit you will know that I totally suck at ID'ing birds and stuff. Even turtles. I've turned towards the google many a time only to miss identify many a species. Today is no exception as I am dying to know what type of turtle this is. Any of you know? Google said it was a Common Map Turtle. I don't believe it is. I mean look at the top of it's shell, it's not smooth, it's ridgy. Most of the turtles I've seen in my travels all have smooth shells, even a snapper has a smooth shell. It's a rare sighting for me. Any assistance with it's name would be most appreciative.

If you've missed a few days on this page, here's the scoop, I finally got in a kayak paddle! I met 2 of my gals down at the local ponds for a paddle the other day. What a better way to get caught up, explore for some wildlife, float hanging our feet over the sides of the 'yak and yak. Well 2 of them did that but I immersed myself and my camera into the lilies and reeds of the Waterford Ponds. Social distancing, of course!

We were out in those ponds for five hours straight! The time actually flew right by. There were huge (like 2-3ft long) Carps hugging the shoreline that would leap up and rumble through the reeds splashing loudly and scare the holy crap out of me. I saw 4 herons, a few swan couples, a swan hidden deep in the reeds with her cygnets, tons of blackbird nests, a couple of kingfishers, heard lots of bullfrogs, startled lots of bullfrogs which in turn scared the heck out of me and well just the smooth glide of the kayak across the water alone was chicken soup for the soul. It was perfect timing because the bugs are just slowly beginning to come out and the ponds are gradually filling in with lily pads and reeds. Unless you wear a bug suit, it's no fun paddling once that happens. I can't believe I was out there for five whole hours and none of us ladies had to go ashore to pee lol. It is an issue for me. My bladder is a brat some days but I'll stop talking about that right here and now, it's TMI (too much information).

Lastly and sadly I have to say that my best buddy and sometimes photo muse Gilbert the cat extraordinare passed away this week. aka Mr. Ginger, Gilly, Mr.Serious, Pat that Bum, Mayor of Brightside peacefully crossed over the rainbow bridge. 17 years of making his rounds to all of his friends in the hood, napping beneath shrubs everywhere and hovering around the snack cupboard for treats that had to be hand fed to him. What a great creature he was. He has graciously permitted me to take a few shots of him over the years and the picture shown is the last one I have of him that I took with my iPhone. My sympathies to his hooman, my bestie Ms.S.

Take care y'all, be safe and reach out to friends and family that you haven't heard from in a bit. A lot of folks are having a rough time right now and even a phone call or text could brighten someone's day.

Peace, love and kumbaya Heather

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