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#FrameItFriday (week 22, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 22, season 2)

I'll end my run of birding week(s) with this #Finch taking the lazy man's lunch at the birding centre at Rondeau Provincial Park. I hope you enjoyed my run of birds, some new to me, some new to you but all pretty cool to see.

I'm going to migrate into the next phase now with a hodge podge of randoms such as sports, flowers, people, etc. Whatever I manage to get out and see which means I need a road trip, stat!

Oh and I've also got to try and check in and see my nesting Sandhill Crane. Now that was a complete surprise and a pleasant one at that.

My story goes that I decided to stop in at a place I'd seen online. Going there meant hiking solo on trails that are pretty remote. That makes me a bit nervous. Of course I wouldn't need my boots or bug spray because I wasn't going to get my feet wet or get bit. (dreamer!) At one point on my walk I decided to take a path down to the pond. It was a spongy walk. As I emerged from the bushes to pond side I saw what looked to be a dead deer laying in the middle of the pond on a marshy island. I looked through my lens and realized it was a Sandhill Crane! I got a bit weepy thinking it had just lay down and died out there, all by itself. It was a good 100+feet from me and it was hard to tell if it was ok. I broke a dead branch in to pieces and flung them out into the pond....just to make a splash, not to hit it....come on I can't throw worth a damn. It heard the splash and raised it's head, it was alive! Yay! So that was pretty exciting because I'd been looking for a few months for them, they're cool birds. In Florida they're a dime a dozen but not up in Ontario. I took a bunch of photos of it pretty much laying there moving it's head around occasionally. I was hoping it would stand up and show me the babies it was protecting....that will have to wait until next visit (if they're still there that is). ^That was a nice long paragraph.

So, stay tuned for new stuff coming down the pipes and thanks for all of your comments, likes and shares. Have a great weekend!

Peace, love and kumbaya Heather #HeatherCardlePhotographer #CanonGirl #TeamCanon#BrantfordPhotographer #PhotoBlog #CanadianGirl

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