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#FrameItFriday (week 22, season 2)

I think I'm a Grebe of some sorts, maybe....maybe not.

#FrameItFriday (week 22, season 2)

Another week has FLOWN by, a steamy, smoking hot week....shooting in this type of weather certainly has it's challenges if you're outdoors. It's tricky to shoot when you're sweating like a pig and it trickles into your eyes and what it does to my hair? Oh my gosh, by the end of some shoots I look like a rabid cross between Gilda Radner and Carrot Top.

An update for those of you who I bumped into over the past week or so and asked...... Little Lulu the lens has gone in for "eye surgery" or assessment for injuries sustained due to her "fall". I'm hoping to know her prognosis in the next week and will proceed from there. I kind of sort of miss her. I hope she loses weight while she's away, make her easier to slug around but I highly doubt that.

Let's get to this photo of the duck/goose....I'm 100% certain I will be corrected on this but I believe it's a #Grebe maybe? Honestly when you look these images up online they all begin to look alike. I realize that this shot is crap, it was foggy that day when I happened upon her (I think it's a she).

She was doing what I wanted to be doing and have been trying to do for a while now......just sitting and chilling in peace, tranquility. I messed that up for her when I came along now didn't I? I think we all long for moments like she was trying to achieve.....time to sit, reflect, re-group. I guess we have to make the time.

I've had a busy week shooting all sorts of people, houses, products which was fun and pays some bills...but I'm looking forward to squeezing a road trip/KAYAK paddle somewhere soon. Any suggestions? What would you all like to see as one of my #ChickPicotheDays? I'm always looking for exciting different things to shoot...I welcome your ideas and suggestions (keep in mind Little Lulu is temporarily down for the count). Even a cool place to shoot that I can go to and not be charged with trespassing lol. Also, anything you'd like me to try and write about here? I open for ideas instead of last minute Friday morning ramblings like this week's blog is......

Imma gonna end this now as I need to get some pots for some sunflowers I bought and put them in before they die. I also picked up a plant that is a Vine Kiwi....supposedly you eat them like grapes....If you don't kill the plant that is....I will post a photo of it once it too is planted and bears fruit. Cross your fingers!

Peace, Love and Kumbaya


P.S: let's book a photo shoot! Getting engaged/married? Forming a band? Need new headshots? Birthday? Family photos for dad for #FathersDay (June 17th!) tick-tock...coming up fast! How about dude-oir photo shoot gift certificate for your dad? That's it, no more begging. You know how to get a hold of me if you need me. Have a great weekend!

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