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#FrameItFriday (week 21 season 5)

#FrameItFriday (week 21 season 5)

We put the furnace back on this past week, just for a couple of hours, not a minute longer because if I see that propane truck pull in our driveway Love Canada but holy my moley, the weather pattern is just stupid crazy like a bad ugly paisley fabric.

Happy May 2-4 folks! What are you getting up to this weekend? Big, HUGE plans this weekend for us, we're going to a plant sale in town Saturday morning and hope to hit up a couple of garage sales perhaps? It's the simple things. I don't want to jinx it but fingers crossed we go for a group paddle Sunday. We're hoping to check out a new part of the Moira River today as well. We are finding out that certain sections one can paddle up and down without dealing with any rapids. Works for me and my camera appreciates the "no rapids" idea too. Paddling back to your car off a river is a bonus as you don't have to do the 2 car shuttle, such a waste of gas. The goal on the paddles this weekend is to find some parents with babies and get some cute shots (from a safe distance, not to worry). It's birding week(s) and although pretty much all of my shots lately have involved feathered creatures I never clued in to the fact that it's a busy time in the birding world. duh! I stopped in at Presqu'il Provincial Park a few days back, just to check it out or as I say "doing some recon". It was my first time there, it's lovely! Just so you know, if you plan on visiting provincial parks (like a day trip) especially on the weekend, make a reservation (even if you already have a pass). The lady at the gate asked me if I had one (it was a Monday). I got in luckily but I'd recommend making a reservation, even if you're just going for the day. Presqu'il reminds me of Rondeau and Pelee Parks and have lots of migrating birds that stop in on their way to and from their summer homes. There was just a few folks about where I was walking but within a half hour big sleek vans pulled up and streams of binoculars and huge lenses poured out of them. Bird tours. I moved on from the crowds, not my scene. It was nice to wander around and hear all of the different bird calls though. I got a few cool shots and I have to say I'd follow those cute little yellow warblers anywhere. They're adorable. Got a few shots teed up of them coming in the next day or so.

About the photo, that is one of the boardwalks that wind through the marsh at Presqu'il. It's an expensive one, it's all made of Trex boards. Not a lot of wildlife about on it the day I was there as the wind had picked up and the temp dropped. Very scenic nonetheless.

This week is just a mish-mash of silly little stories, my brain is fried. Have a great long weekend and stay safe eh? Oh and watch out for snakes and turtles crossing the road. I played crossing guard for 3 snappers this past week and still have all my toes. Let me know if you're up to anything exciting this weekend, leave a comment below, I'm dead nosy wondering what you're up to.

Peace, love and kumbaya,


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