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#FrameItFriday (week 21 season 4)

#FrameItFriday (week 21 season 4)

I grabbed this shot last week during a lull from the annoying biting insects. See that back porch across the pond? It's all screened in and pretty much "off limits" to biting things except an occasional appearance by some kind of docile hornet type of things. They don't bite, they could care less about us, so I guess they're allowed until the tall man with the electrified tennis racket sweeps the room. What I'm trying to say is that screened in porch is my summer office space. Last night I sat out here and did a crossword puzzle (some office eh? I could only answer the lines that referenced movie stars, so it's incomplete until I check the answers at the back of the local newspaper and fill it all in) BUT I did finish the word search. Who am I? This country air is changing me. We've also planted a vegetable garden (only the kind we eat, nothing fancy, they have to actually survive and produce stuff, it's a lot of pressure on me LOL). I have even begun to put maple syrup in my coffee, what???? Not Buddy the Elf portions, just a little drizzle in the cup because I'm just not sweet enough and it's supposed to help with your digestion. What the hey, I'll give it a whirl.

My walking buddy and I are still doing our daily walks, trying to locate interesting places in our community until this lock down is over. They're short jaunts with a timeline that incorporates doctor's appointments, vaccine needles, curbside pickups and grocery getting. The usual stuff. This is going to sound absolutely disgusting but I feel the need to share with you all that yesterday we sat in the car for an hour in a line for curbside at Crappy Tire. I old school multi-tasked while we waited and I placed an Amazon order, emptied my shoes of sand and picked the bug bite scabs off my arms. Mission accomplished. Sorry, I felt the urge to tell you about this.

Ok, ok, back to photography now shall we? I am still taking daily photos, I've been dragging my 100-400 lens out with me since last year. It's a pig to carry for sure but I don't want to miss that "rare bird" shot for some reason. I have to start switching up my lenses me thinks, that will be my mission next week. Get some different styled shots. There is SOOOOOOO much to see and explore around here it makes me crazy. Roadtrips will hopefully resume shortly, in the meantime every single weekly trip to town or the dump or the doctor's requires huge planning on my part, specifically the route. I'm trying to find different roads to get us where we need to be but that they must also be interesting enough to snag some shots. I did find a rookery, it's a bit off the road but I'll be sliding by there again for sure as the weather tanked the day we discovered it. I swear I hear loons calling too. A trip DOWN the river a bit may hopefully lead me to them unless I was hallucinating. Fingers crossed I find some.

I hope you are all doing ok. At least the weather's nice and I hope you get outside but not get bit. Stay safe this long weekend and enjoy!

Peace, love and kumbaya, Heather

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P.S.-11 days until the riding lawn mower comes in, will try and sneak a photo of the Lawn Boy in his current push mower attire. WAIT.....tell you what, if I get enough likes on this blog here today I will post a photo of what he looks like. It's priceless.

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