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#FrameItFriday (week 21, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 21, season 2)

I hope you've been enjoying the bird shots this past week, I have more so be prepared. This whole birding thing is quite the experience for me. I thought I'd throw in a shot of a turtle on this week's blog though as I have seen a few en route to the birds. It was also Turtle Day or something yesterday and I totally missed that. As I mentioned last week, the ID'ing thing is a daunting task. In spite of the google, I still mess up what it is. Going out on a limb though and declaring that this turtle is a Painted Turtle (no I did not put a brush to it, it's what it's called, I hope lol)

The business end of my photography has been very busy lately and that's a good thing. Pay attention potential clients.....I've been taking a lot of house shots, kitchen shots, headshots and working for a friend doing some baseball team shots. It's all interesting stuff and the income from that puts gas in and brakes on the photo mobile but it also means my backroad tours are fewer and farther between. I am loving my new lens #TrixietheLens and I try and get her out when I can. Today Stewie (my wide angle lens) and I are heading out to shoot some homes, time to see how the other half lives. Tomorrow I spend the day with #LouisetheLens taking little league player and team shots for #WilsonPhotography. It's always fun times working with the team and we get to wear our cool shirts.

One of these days we will get the kayaks out on the water and go for a paddle and grab some river/lake shots....soon....soon....soon. Have a great weekend and play safe! Oh and as always, feel free to like, share, comment on my posts.

Peace, love and kumbaya,


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