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#FrameItFriday (week 21, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 21, season 2)

So I dropped my lens yesterday...on my driveway...actually it fell out of my camera bag which I THOUGHT was all zipped up. What a moron. It fell about a 1.5ft. It was Little Lulu, the heavy one I spoke about last week on my blog. Ya, so after I said quite a number of very, very bad words I picked her up to assess the damages. Well her lens cap was busted a bit, a tiny chip out of the ring around the glass but that was about it. So I thought (Back to that later)

I think I'm really glad she wasn't on the camera body. It could have been worse and there would be no blog from me today, I'd be incarcerated for doing something stupid all because I dropped a lens. I wonder if camera folk are the same as bikers? I mean like when they say "oh I've NEVER dropped my bike/camera". For the record I've dropped my camera and my motorcycle.

You know I'm so dumb, I never even thought to try and take photos with it after it fell. A fellow photographer friend said "did you check the focus"? I replied "It's fine" and then quickly went and double checked....only to find out it's shooting like it doesn't have it's glasses on and it NEEDS to wear it's glasses. Faaaaaaaaacccckkkkk!!!!!!!

So now instead of writing a long-ish blog here today (did I hear cheering?) I will write a soppy teary-eyed letter to #Tamron about what happened to my lens, box her up, ship her to the Lens Hospital and get her assessed. Hopefully they'll be able to fix and clean her up for a reasonable fee. Cross your fingers!

Luckily I have back ups to shoot with as I'm off to shoot my first charity golf tournament of the season (yay, golf carts!) and tomorrow...I'm working for a pal of mine shooting baseball players (like a whole league of players, posing with bats and gloves and all of that). That will be a first for me, should be fun. Take my mind off my poor sick injured Little Lulu.

In closing, I would like to say that if you would like to order any prints, need some family, kids, pets, events or whatever shots done NOW is a good time to hire me. Not begging, just sayin'. I'm off to lick my wounds before I head out to work, maybe I'll brush my hair, maybe I won't......

Peace, Love and Kumbaya


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