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#FrameItFriday (week 20 season 5)

#FrameItFriday (week 20 season 5)

OMG they're back and so are all the fancy designer bug duds! In the photo I am modelling a fine outfit one must don in order to get from the house to the car. It's actually worn when you're wearing long sleeves and trousers and high rubber boots. I swear someone hit a switch somewhere that woke the super annoying black flies or whatever the heck they're called. It's supposed to be a scorcher today so shorts are on, t-shirt and only if I have to, tall rubber boots along with an all in one hoodie bug jacket complete with a zippered hood and a delightfully sexy pair of matching bug trousers. There will be no selfie of that fashion disaster. Forget the designer clothes, city folks would don armour to keep the little annoying jerks away. Your skincare regime is now one of misting with bug spray (of that we've an assortment) House of Dior for bug deterrents. It's survival time until they finally die and I'm hoping it's soon. So if I want to shoot outside I gotta "dress up" or get out on to the lake in the kayak, they're not out there on the water. Calamine lotion is my bestie (shaken, not stirred). Thank god the gardens were done (except for the carrots, they can wait) before the attack of the annoying biting bugs began.

Ok, enough about the bugs, we moved here, we gotta deal with them. So, no-one visit us this month ok?

It's crazy around our place these days as not only the bugs showed up but the Chickadees have set up a home in a tree hollow beside the pond, the robins are in a basket on the wall by our patio, the hummingbirds are back and Sunday 4 Green Herons flew squawking overhead, 2 flew on and 2 turned down our driveway and rested in a tree along the creek. That's just a snippet of wildlife that hangs out right beneath our noses around here. Pretty much any tree you walk by some irate bird parent or squirrel pops out hollering at us to "get away from our nest". The Heron's are behind a bit and immediately proceeded to mate in trees right outside our windows, no shame there lol. I've got my fingers crossed I get some baby bird shots (fingers crossed). #StellaCat got hired by the robins to watch their nest when they scoot out for a meal. She's doing a great job at the moment but it will be interesting to see her reaction when the eggs hatch and she gets to see the feedings.

I didn't even mention the pond and what's going on in it. At night it turns into a "pickup bar" reminisce of a Studio 54 as the lights dim and they crank up the tunes. It's like a brothel out there, frogs hooking up left, right and centre. I feel like I should put out some condoms down on the tree stumps but that defeats their purpose. Last night I heard a huge splash out there, I'm terrified to find out that the LochNess monster has turned up to feed on all the horny toads, probably.

All righty, I'm babbling....time to don the spring attire and get out and refresh my memory on how to take photos whilst wearing a mesh hoodie.

Have a great weekend and dare I say "Go Leafs Go"!

Peace, love and kumbaya,


P.S. I washed my car

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