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#FrameItFriday (week 20 season 4)

#FrameItFriday (week 20 season 4)

Rather than tell you about the tick bite, the 2 dead birds we found (one hit our window & one snuck in the basement and died). Or the frustrations of online ordering (what you thought you were getting vs what you got) let's talk about these fences now shall we?

So, we're walking along the road and on one side we've got fence 1 and the other side we've got fence 2. My brain starts to sputter into gear, my imagination begins to flicker to life. I look back and forth between the 2 fence styles across the road from each other. I start to wonder what kind of day it was when these were built. Did they get built on the same day? Did they have a contest, who'd finish there's first? Was it just 1 person building it or did they have a crew working on it and break for a picnic in the middle of the road? When did they build it? What's better: tepee style or stack style? I read that they build these in rocky areas where it's hard to put posts in the ground and they use cedar and in a pinch they can burn it to keep warm. Apparently one can count the zigs to find out how much property they have. I remember trying climb over one as a teenager, if you cross half way between the zigs on the stack style fence it's pretty springy so don't do what I did and stick your fingers around the top log and bounce, you crush your fingers and that hurts. Also, splinters.

I'm looking forward to getting a few housekeeping items sorted in the next few days ie: vaccine, car repairs and doctor's appointments out of the way so we can get this road tripping party started! Ok, so I won't be going far, just within the county on some new roads and trails because, you know, lockdown is extended (in Ontario that is) but we can still get out and get some fresh air if we're able, just be safe!

Peace, love and kumbaya,


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