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#FrameItFriday (week 20, season 3)

#FrameItFriday (week 20 season 3)

Hey, it's me again.....know what that means? We've all made it to another Friday. That's right, it's Friday. It is also a long weekend, so I've been told. It's kind of been feeling like it's been a long weekend for 3 months now.

The weather around my neck of the woods has been a bit of a nuisance but I did manage to get out for a walk n' shoot on the trails this week on that day when it almost felt like Spring. It was peaceful. I had a ziplock full of birdseed in my pocket and my heavy as heck camera and lens slung over my shoulder. I felt like Cinderella walking about through the trees (no I did not eat any magical mushrooms on my hike). It was a Disney-ish style adventure because the birds were chirping and darting about. I had a hungry Downy Woodpecker follow me along one path who very eagerly ate from the palm of my hand and enjoyed landing on my camera lens. It was very cool. I heard a couple of new songs being performed in the bushes along the trails and followed the sounds until I happened upon a few very busy, very talented songbirds. You'll have to check out my page over the next few days to see what I tracked down.

SO......the government is beginning to open up a few things now (with strict guidelines) it doesn't mean I can resume doing family photoshoots, etc. YET, but it's coming (as long as we don't screw things up and don't break the rules). I'm excited and look forward to re-connecting with my past clients and meeting new clients to capture their memories. So if that is something that you are looking to have done, please dm me. I can't commit to a time frame yet but at least I'll put you on a "holding pattern" waitlist. This week's internet inspired projects, etc have been met with mixed reviews.... 1) Apple Fritter Bread Recipe-so, so.... 2)The Pine Cone in a flower pot that is supposed to turn into a cute little tree-epic fail 3) Porch BIngo was on hiatus but may return to our street this Saturday night (weather permitting) 4) We have not solved the mystery of how that annoying black squirrel gets on to the bird feeder. It either jumps from the garage roof (quite a leap) or it tight wire walks along the cable line. Nobody has caught him in the act yet. 5) I want take-out fast food at some point this weekend. 6) The Windmill Country Market makes THE BEST peanut brittle. Ok, well, that was a scintillating read now wasn't it ? Got anything exciting to share? As long as it's not a dirty story, share it in the comments below and also if you know what that butterfly/moth is in the photo,. I'd love to hear about it. Have a safe long weekend folks! Peace, love and kumbaya, Heather #PhotoBlog #CanonGirl #HeatherCardlePhotographer (I think the picture is of a moth but I'm not 100% sure and of course cannot remember what it's called)

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