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#FrameItFriday (week 2 season 5)

#FrameItFriday (week 2 season 5)

Bet you didn't know I have been homeschooled. Yep, this past week life has been teaching me lots, LOTS. Firstly, my biggest problem last Friday morning was a plugged kitchen drain (#ScottTrotterPlumbing for the save). It was a relief to get that sorted but that was just a pinch to my butt in comparison to what happened around 3:30pm on that very same day. The farmhouse across the road caught fire and burned to the ground (even last night it still smouldered). Thank GOD the family and pets were not at home. Makes my drain problem feel like my coffee order got cream instead of milk, suck it up buttercup. Within 48 hours the gofundme set up by a family friend had exceeded its initial goal by $5k and is still rising. What a kind, caring, generous community we live in. That was one lesson, the second lesson is I must stop giving advice and not minding that said advice myself. Last week I wrote of my ice cleats incident x 2, just yesterday I decided "nah, I don't need my cleats". Yesterday I slipped yet again landing on top of my camera and on the same wrist I broke rollerblading 18 years ago. What a moron I am! I did NOT break my wrist again but holy crap it hurts today. One armed photography it is for a bit now anyways. No more outside walks without CLEATS, no excuses, I promise. Final lesson (for this week anyhow, life lessons never end) is "Heather, pay attention when you're uploading your images to your computer and make sure you TRIPLE check that ALL images have been transferred BEFORE you scrub your card clean." I swear I got my first Barred Owl shots and a slinky mink shooting me some sweet side eye...erased by me because I wasn't paying attention. So, back I go looking for more owls, and more minks. I'm to be happy for that experience of actually seeing them in their natural element instead of a zoo after all my years of searching for them. About the photo, I was looking for owls on my friend's property and as I walked back towards our home I spotted the farmhouse through the snowflakes and the trees. Little did I know it would be the last shot I'd take of that beautiful old family home. Stay safe, wear cleats, double or triple check your work and be grateful for what you have, I know I am. Peace, love and kumbaya, Heather #PhotoBlog #CanonGirl #HeatherCardlePhotographer #Tweedness #CommunityCares

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