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#FrameItFriday (week 2 season 4)

#FrameItFriday (week 2, Season 4)

Has it been a week or has it been a week?

It has been a week.

Now it's Friday, let's rejoice now shall we?

I started a new puzzle but I haven't touched it since I got to the hard part, you know, everything that goes inside those the flat ones you use around the edge? The previous puzzle I ditched. It's going to a puzzle buddy of mine who has far more patience than me. I'm determined to finish the current one but not on a sunny day, so it may take me longer. In the meantime, I have to guard the pieces scattered on the coffee table before me. A couple of pieces managed to travel to the kitchen and almost got smothered in dish soap and scrubbed because they fell in the sink. The pieces had hitchhiked on the bottom of my dinner plate. Tsk tsk.

I've been taking a lot of trail photos lately, I hope you are enjoying them. It's on these walks that I am becoming used to my new camera strap (it's a #Slide by Peak Design). We are on day 13 of our trail walks, I bring along my 100-400 lens (which along with the Canon 1Dx camera body is quite cumbersome). It seems as though when I drag that big ole lens out for our walks, the wildlife disappears. I am hoping that today, the combination of sunshine and the trail we're hoping to walk is overflowing with birds. Fingers crossed. A quick review on that camera strap though, I find that when my camera is hanging down my back the weight of the camera keeps me from slouching and less strain on my neck. I also feel somewhat like a cowboy in an old western movie.....when I spot a shot, I can quickly and quietly slide my camera around and up to my face and take a photo. Just call me Clint Eastwood lol. Now if only I can capture some more birds or wildlife.....perhaps today is the day. I just gotta beware of the ice. Yes, that's been a bit tricky....icy trails. We try walking along the sides and maintain our footing in the crunchy snow. The drawback to walking along the sides of the trail we've found alot of dogs like to poop there and alot of dog owner's don't pick it up (grrrrr). So we keep an eye out for poop, for ice and lastly for wildlife. I did see my first possum though. It was huge and it was nighttime and it wanted to come up our back steps while I was out on our porch putting stuff in our recycling. They're harmless but I still screamed at it like the chicken I am and darted back into the house. It's no wonder I don't have a lot of wildlife shots if I act like that every time I see something.

Ok, my walking buddy is ready to go so I best wind down this week's blog. I sure hope you all are doing ok and staying safe. I hope my friends with school aged kids are coping ok with their first week back at online learning stuff.

Peace, love and kumbaya,


**As always, feel free to like, share, comment :) I love hearing how you are all doing.

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FYI-The photo was taken in North Dumfries, Ontario on our new fav trail Drynan Tract. Hilly, a bit icy but oh so pretty.

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