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#FrameItFriday (week 2, season 3)

#FrameItFriday (week 2, season 3)

Better late than never maybe? I'm not so sure, I'll let y'all decide that.

This past week has been more about travelling back and forth to Toronto to do a final tidy up at my late mother's home, sign a stack of documents (who says we use less paper now if full of baloney) and hand in house keys. Not much to do with photography. I think I've heard it called "adulting". That and Elvis featured majorly in the mix as well.

Elvis? What's he got to do with it? Well surprisingly ALOT, oddly enough. My mum's house closed on Elvis' birthday (January 8th in case you didn't know and that was not intentional). That same day I went to a pop-up show featuring a ton of Elvis photos taken by an incredible photographer John Rowlands (I posted an album about it the other day). On my way to the pop-up show/birthday party I spoke with my son and mentioned I was on my way to it. He in turn told me that the plumber he hired just the day before was an Elvis impersonator who'd won first place at the Elvis festival up in Collingwood. All of this Elvis stuff and coincidences within days of each other. Odd and crazy at the same time. Makes you wonder.

The photo I've posted is of a mezuzah that has nothing whatsoever to do with Elvis. I picked up the mezuzah in 1999 at a market in Israel and installed it at my mom's house. It graced the front door frame for 21 years and I removed it and brought it home for my front door. There are special blessings typed by my mom on a tiny rolled up bit of paper inserted into the back of the mezuzah, I kept it as well. I'm not sure why I've told you all of this or what the point of telling you all this is. I think that I needed something to write about to fill in the week I was light on shooting because I was busy with all that other stuff.

Maybe I can write something about photography before I end today's ramblings. I can tell you this, I was in a camera store for at least a half hour yesterday and did not buy a single thing. Zip. Nada. I wish I had such willpower over food. Ha. Ha. Ha. That would be a big old NOPE.

Hopefully I'll have something more on photography to discuss with y'all next week unless I get squirrelled yet again and start going all Marie Kondo here in my home. That is something else I start to feel around this time of year......a big old purge. Don't be surprised if that happens because honestly....I need to do that as well. I'll mention that word again.....adulting.

I'd love to hear your feedback on 1) Elvis 2) coincidences 3)restraint 4)purging 5)what kinds of shots you want to see from me.

Peace, love and kumbaya Heather

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P.S.-Sorry I'm late with this today.

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