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#FrameItFriday (week 19 season 5)

#FrameItFriday (week 19 season 5)

THANKS FOR FOLLOWING ME, I FINALLY HIT 10K followers on Facebook. I give up on Instagram, grumble, grumble......... here we go...... Woohoo Mountain Dew, I do believe we have finally arrived at Spring. We hunted it down and I don't want to jinx it but I do believe we've found it! I mean look at my car (see photo), all the gravel roads around here are freshly graded and dusty as all get out or they've had a thick layer of gravel dumped on them. Either way, it's a mess and treacherous to drive on, around here it is. There's one road I like to go along and I believe the guys forgot to come back and level the gravel out. If I was on a 4 wheeler or a dirt bike I would LOVE it, not so much in my car. I know of at least one person who reads my blog will take one look at the photo of my dirty car and give me a proper "dressing down" for letting it get this way. I'm so glad he lives overseas lol. I've a few more dirt roads to hit up in the next coming days, a car wash can wait until it's a "free carwash day" aka it rains. It is lovely to smell fresh cut grass, see the trees bud up and the flowers in the garden wake up from their deep freeze sleep. I'm itching to get out in the kayaks as well. So much to do! In case you missed it, the new "gear" I hinted about last week is in my possession now. It's a drone, I got a drone. It's light enough to not need a license to operate which I don't believe I'd ever pass. It's priced reasonable to try and incorporate it into when I do my listing photos for realtors. I'm not there yet, it will take a bit. I filmed a 15 minute video of our house and property which you need to take gravol before watching. I crashed it twice down the road that runs through the woods. Thank goodness it has a GPS that locates it and an emergency button you push to find out "where the hell did the drone crash now?" and it calls out "over here you ninny". The 2nd time I crashed it, it was hanging off a sapling. So to my realtor friends, it's going to take a few minutes for me to learn this thing. It is super cool and does a good job on the video etc but for me and my tiny brain, there's a lot to learn and master. Practice makes perfect right? Oh and BTW I will not be buzzing over houses (without permission) and stalking wildlife with it ok, so for some of you who've messaged me, don't get your knickers in a knot thinking that I will. Ok, it's Mother's Day on Sunday and I miss mine like crazy so go see your mum if you can ok? I am looking forward to seeing my kids and hanging out with them, go for a walk, have some laughs, and just be with them. I sure won't be wasting my weekend washing my car, guaranteed. Happy Mother's Day to all you Mother's out there. Peace, love and kumbaya, Heather

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