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#FrameItFriday (week 19 season 4)

#FrameItFriday (week 19 season 4)

Fingers crossed the lockdown order gets lifted around here. We will know in a couple of weeks time. My family should be vaccinated with first shots by then. Snow tires have been removed so my buggy will be waiting at the ready for some backroad explores. While I wait, I've been taking some roads less travelled back and forth to town for "essential business" and that's about it. You may have noticed I've begun to post local to me shots from those food runs, mostly all snapped from the roadside. We did manage a few walks up our road but rain has put a damper on our walking.

Oh and I'm not unpacked is totes city around here but at least we've managed to make it less like a bomb went off and more like an amazon warehouse, ha ha. Most exciting thing we've done in days is go riding lawn mower shopping. That's a no-brainer that we need one. My husband has used the push mower for three days now and then on the 3rd day of cutting the back tires fell off. Lucky for us when we went to arrange for the rider we snagged a pair of "new" wheels. First pair the guy showed me I asked how much and he said "$43". I said "for the pair right?" and he said "no, $43 each". Scottish Heather piped up and said "what are they Michelin's?" He found me a more economic pair and now we're back in biz. The new ride should be here at the end of the month and that will makes the lawn boy very happy. Now if only we can find the whipper-snipper charger.

Let's talk about this photo here shall we? Don't you find it odd (if you're into abandoned places that is) that you'll most always find a shelf with a tin of Maxwell House (or Chock Full O'Nuts) Coffee and a can of Campbell's soup sitting on a shelf? I do, but I'm odd as well.

HOW ARE YOU ALL DOING? I hope you're doing ok and staying safe. Reach out if you're in need ok? Thanks for reading, feel free to like, comment, share and make sure you're following me please.

For all you Mother's out there, have a GREAT day, even if you can't be together with family, there's always drive-bys, phone or FaceTime or praying if they're in heaven.

Peace, love and kumbaya, Heather

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