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#FrameItFriday (week 19, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 19, season 2)

Some days all you think you want to do is just chill......just like this saucy chipmunk in the photo (although if you zoom in on the shot a bit it looks like he's trying to eat the chair) you know what I'm saying? Like slamming on the brakes, parking your butt into a comfy chair and just watch the world go by, observe, people watch, no phone, no earbuds in blasting music, no book in your hands, nada...just watching with your eyes (and if you're blind, listening) Kind of like meditating in a way. Imagine what you would see and hear.....I also have to be a bit real and say what some of you may be thinking "how long do we have to do that for?" I don't know, give it a try for as long as you can. I was doing it last week up at the lake, but only at night before the Loons began their battle cries on the lake. The sound of silence was deafening but you can't really see anything in the dark. When I came back home I tried it again and heard cars and sirens and cats fighting. Wow, I have been talking in circles today because I really had no clue what to write about this week. I do know one thing....I think at some point over the next week I will be parking my keester on a chair and watch some of the world go by. Have a great weekend everyone and for all you Mothers out there, have a great Mother's Day!

Oh one more thing.....IF you want to, feel free to comment, query, request, share, like, send ideas for photos, order prints, canvasses, book a shoot.....

Peace, love and kumbaya,


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