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#FrameItFriday (week 18 season 6)

#FrameItFriday (week 18 season 6)

Well, here's a sweet announcement! We became GrandPuppyParents for the 2nd time this past week. Kiddo (our first GrandPuppy) is now a big sis to her new "not so little" baby sister Ellie! (In the photo from L to R is Ellie, Little Kiddo and me pretending to be a poodle). I was so excited I had to go see "my girls" and meet the latest addition. Kiddo still reigns Queen of the household and timid Ellie is slowly coming out of her shell. Ellie's litter was rescued from a puppy mill and at 5 months old has been through A LOT. Now she's got a new family to love her. I sure hope she enjoys swimming, hiking, camping and canoeing! She's a sweetheart with human eyes!

Also new, my affiliation with the The Photo Roadies! I've missed shooting live events so along with capturing images with Tweed & Company Theatre I am also shooting for #ThePhotoRoadies. Expect to see me posting some shots from venues in Prince Edward County, Belleville, Bancroft and Peterborough. I'm telling you, there's a LOT of fine talent performing just in this patch of landscape alone! Tonight I'm headed to The Village Playhouse in Bancroft to capture the SOLDOUT show (both nights) performed by Downchild (celebrating their 50th year as a band). I'm excited for that, stay tuned.

The stairs I got from a neighbours place have now been successfully installed in our barn/garage so no more rickety ladder, it's a proper sturdy flight up to my "she loft". I seriously, seriously need to re-name that space. It's my creative space, hangout, photo studio, etc. etc. I know I've bounced some names off with you on it but now it needs to have a proper name. She Loft, She Cave just doesn't cut it. If you leave a suggestion in the comments below and I choose your suggestion, I'll send you a prize (bribe, bribe, bribe lol). Suffice it to say, the "studio is open" for headshots, etc. Message me.

I think we MAY have turned a corner in the weather department (fingers crossed), don't you think? Our pond out back has transformed into a gigantic brothel again with all the frogs chirping loudly out back, trying to hook up. Ewwww, don't mind us frogs. With the Green Heron back on the banks though, they best be stealth and all the birds nesting up the creek are on high alert when the Heron shows up and is hungry.

Welp, that's about all I know this week. I hope you get a chance to get outside this weekend, I heard it's going to be superb.

Until next week, peace, love and kumbaya,


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