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#FrameItFriday (week 18 season 3)

#FrameItFriday (week 18 season 3)

I swear on my camera's life that I did not stage this shot. Truly I did not. I saw it. I shot it. Poor Corona beer didn't know what hit him.

This past week I was able to find a quiet isolated spot to wander about on my own and take a bunch of random shots, legally, so to speak. To top it off, a gorgeous day it truly was! It was so, so special because it is something I've always done in the past without any worries. I crossed paths with one lady and her dog. We greeted each other while parting like the Red Sea as we continued on our individual walks.

For weeks I've been dragging along my big lens in case I ran across some cool wildlife on my backroads assignment to get the weekly groceries. For my impromptu secret walk the other day I brought along my 70-200 lens not thinking about distance but in hindsight that 100-400 lens would have been perfect getting all up in the faces of the frogs, turtles and birds I saw. Although........I've missed my 70-200 lens (mostly because it weighs less that the 100-400). Did any of that make sense to you?

I've been doing some online ordering this past week. It's excitingly dangerous. So far I've received a pack of markers, a Blake Shelton CD (yes I still do the CD thing), I won a prize of a print of mine framed so that's on it's way. I ordered a bingo game to play porch bingo with my neighbours (I'll be the bingo caller as I've the biggest mouth lol). I ordered some clothes too but after 3 weeks I have yet to receive a notification that it's even gone to a shipper. I emailed the company and said "if I don't get those clothes soon I'm going to have to start doing my laundry". ha. ha. ha.

I sadly had to cancel a wedding shoot and if the future bride and groom survive isolation I look forward to shooting it on a safer date in the not too distant future. I did have a photoshoot with a really, really cool Dollhouse Bakery that my talented friend made from top to bottom (pictures to follow) and I sold a canvas print of mine. That was a nice surprise. One has to adapt during this trip through uncharted territories. I know one thing I sure miss shooting shows!

This week's online recipes I've tackled to make have been met with mixed reviews. I find it's a bit of a gamble for the tastebuds working off a recipe from the internet. I think it is because I'm no Chef Boy ar Dee. The Lemon pound cake was so/so that tang of the lemon infused icing left me wanting to lick salt off my hand and down a shot of tequila. The lasagna sure wasn't Lamana's but it may taste better on day 2. I think the Weiner wrapped hot dogs were the best meal of the week only because of all the childhood flashbacks it gave me. Must have been all those nitrates. I bought what I hoped would be delicious tangerines but sadly they were horrid so I put them in a pitcher of vinegar and am going to make cleaning spray with them (my daughter taught me how to make it). Waste not want not right?

Oh I heard a rumour that perhaps the premier may allow the gradual re-opening of garden centres in the next week or so. Wouldn't that be sweet? I'm looking forward to digging and planting in my garden especially since I've found the perfect grass stain removal spray for my clothes when I get down and dirty and decide to do laundry again. lol

This blog reads like a journal entry doesn't it? Oh well, I guess that's kind of, sort of what a blog is, mine is at least.'s a request from me to you all......tell me where you all hail from and what your week was like? I hope you are all doing ok and staying safe, that is paramount. Are you feeling ok? Do you need a hand with anything? Reach out here to me or ask a close friend. Let's hear about your triumphs this past week, who's your heroes during all of this? Give a shoutout to the frontline workers you know. Thanks for reading this and #StayHome and #StaySafe. Peace, love and kumbaya, Heather

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