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#FrameItFriday (week 18, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 18, season 2)

So this is the SECOND time I've had to write this because I forgot to save a draft and lost the entire blog (waaa-waaa).

In a nutshell this is what I have to say:

1)Moose get ticks that hang around until spring and bug the crap out of the moose. They aren't of the Lyme disease carrying type but they make the moose so itchy it licks and bites them off instead of they look starved and have mange but it's not mange.

2) the ice is not quite out on the lake yet but a whole bunch of loon couples have returned and are all "squished" in a small open section of the lake (like the departure lounge at the airport during spring break when they cancel all flights due to weather conditions) Every night this week, once it gets dark it's like the Battle for Winterfell (only #GOT fans will get this) with lots of screams and hollers coming from said loons on the lake.

3) the supposed "waterproof" boots I bought and bragged about how dry they kept my feet last year have passed their warranty and sprung leaks. In case you don't recall, wet boots REEK...I tried to dry them over the heat vent but the husband and the cat thought I was trying to poison them and had the dry heaves, so the boots sat out on the porch last night. Since they're the only pair of shoes I brought I must put the stinking soggy things back on my feet to go to town and buy another pair. I pity anyone who comes within 100 yards of me.

I must go now as I've places to explore and I'm in need of proper footwear. Wish me luck! Have a great weekend.

Peace, love and kumbaya


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