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#FrameItFriday (week 17 season 3)

#FrameItFriday (week 17 season 3)

I got a message from my friend across the road the other day it read "come outside RIGHT NOW, bring your camera, you're going to want to see this". It had been a slow news day so I grabbed my camera and dashed outside glancing furtively around. I saw my neighbours from across the road, they were all out staring at the house 2 doors up from me. I followed their gaze, expecting some sort of Eagle, Hawk, Bear, Moose to be standing on the sidewalk or perched on my friend's porch.....nope it was none of the above (of course it wasn't) was my neighbour Mr. G. (jack of all trades and things uncanny) testing out the re-build of his bubble machine! Yes, he fixed it by replacing the fan in it with a hairdryer. 1,000s of bubble floating about, drifting lazily along the sidewalk all colourful and stuff. It was fun, whimsical and a nice change of pace from all that is, is not going on in the world right now. Thanks Mindy!

This week I also made bread from a recipe that could also be used in a pinch as a concrete mix. No amount of butter, frying, soaking, glazing would make this stuff taste good or even edible. EVER! I decorated it with food colour and hung it out from a pole in my garden. The next day it was gone, probably pinched by a Racoon who is probably regretting taking it, dragging it home and gorging on it. I should put some Tums out there for Rocky, I know he could use it. So, I'm running low on brain fuel today so I'm cutting this week's blathering short. I'm actually super tired and I don't know why, it's morning, I just woke up! Hopefully coffee will give me some energy, failing which I may just go back to bed (a true first for me). The Hot Flashes have returned as well. Stay safe friends and if you've got any funny stories to share, feel free to comment below. We'd all love to hear them :) Peace, love and kumbaya, Heather #PhotoBlog #TinyBubbles #Neighbours #EaglePlace#HeatherCardlePhotographer

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