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#FrameItFriday (week 16, season 2)

#FrameItFriday (week 16, season 2)

I honestly closely resemble this Osprey, especially today ha ha. No seriously. I do.

So, after 40?!!?? years (wow, that's a LONG time ago) I made it back to the zoo. The Metro Toronto Zoo. Last time I was there it was a scorcher of a day and the zoo had no running water. It broke down, whatever. We were just kids, we drank POP from the McDonald's they had there. All I remember about that trip was watching the orangutang swinging from ropes in their cool compound.

I forgot how huge the place is, lots of walking (which I need)and so many little people and their parents! I really didn't give myself enough time. I could have sat at the cheetah compound all day and taken shots. I should get a pass.

I quickly learned not every animal wants to be out in view. Some hid, some had their backs to us and well the giraffe? It took one look at me and walk inside it's enclosure lol. Some exhibits are under construction so the animals are elsewhere. You really gotta plan a day there. Next trip I'll try plan it a bit better. It was a lovely day though and I got to spend it with a couple of special people. We had fun. It's a cool place but I still feel guilty that they're not in their natural habitat. That's a can of worms I won't open.

It was great to use my new lens and get some practice with it. For the record I am loving it, it is so multi-functional for shots and it actually focuses in camera and on the computer editing screen!

So it's a long weekend, I'm sitting in my daughter's place writing this (we're helping her paint her place this weekend) Tomorrow we've ordered an Easter dinner to eat amongst the paint cans and drop sheets. I've got chocolate easter bunnies for dessert. The only hunt we will be on will be "where's the sandpaper? where's the tape" lol. Well, it's my turn to use the paint roller so I will end with saying "Happy Easter, Happy Passover" to you and your families!

Peace, love and kumbaya,


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