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#FrameItFriday (week 15 season 4)

#FrameItFriday (week 16 season 4)

Hey y'all, happy Friday! I've been posting quite a few videos lately. I know some of you who follow me are not as mobile as you'd like to be so I hope the little snippets I post make you feel that you're there along with me. I've had a few folks message me about certain locations I've been going to as they can't believe some of our walks are so close to home. They are. Right outside our back door practically. Even if you don't live in Brantford I'm sure there's a little park close by you can wander through and get some fresh air. We've been staying within our county and re-visiting some fav trails (ok, 1 or 2 are JUST outside the county line). The more popular trails are pretty much a no-go for us on the weekends as there are far too many folks out on those days than is recommended. Perhaps if your local walking trail is too busy maybe you can find a cool backroad to walk along and explore. I know it's not the same as being out in the woods but there's still lots of interesting stuff you see on backroads. It's been hit or miss with wildlife for me lately. All winter long I dragged out Little Lulu (my 100-400 lens) and this past week I decided to take Louise out for a bit, she's my Tamron 70-200/2.8 lens. Not as far a reach at Little Lulu obviously but birds have been avoiding me like the plague lately. This week I gave up trying to find wildlife and instead decided to see what I can find "in the trees". What do I mean? Wait and see. The tree(s) in the photo I've posted are a couple of my favs out on the lovely PAVED trail that runs from Brantford down to Oakland (it continues after that all the way to Port Dover but is gravel). I speak of 2 because there's the pretty one in the foreground and if you look close enough you can see the 2nd far off in the background in front of the tree line. It's a lovely sight to see "the lonesome tree" as I like to call it. I guess you can expect to see a lot of trees posted here this coming week. I hope you are all staying safe and keeping healthy. We're winding down our stay here in Brantford and in just under 2 weeks I'll be writing to you from our new place in Tweed. It's felt like forever but I'm looking forward to showing you the beauty I find in a new to me part of the Province. I may also share with you our attempts to grow a vegetable garden that is WAYYY larger than a garden trug! Who knows, I believe things are about to get way more interesting for us in the months to come as we attempt to convert from "citiots" to "country bumpkins". Stay tuned.

Peace, love and kumbaya


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P.S.-Tick warning! Beware they're out there more now than ever. Check yourself for ticks if you're out on the trails!

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