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#FrameItFriday (week 14, season3)

#FrameItFriday (week 14 season 3)

I set up my camera and tripod in the backyard a couple of days this past week, waiting for that special wildlife moment. I struck out, the birds don't know I've put some seed out in the feeder and my patience wore thin so I packed it in.

Due to the failed backyard wildlife shoot I decided to start with that purge of boxed goods that has taken over my basement and garage. I'm really glad I did because I found many, many long lost treasures.

I found my public school badge collection, hundreds of pen pal letters, a song I wrote to the tune of "Wasn't That A Party" by the Irish Rovers (that I actually typed it out) and one of many pictures I copied of a Peanuts meme.

The sweetest find that brought tears to my eyes was found in a box that contained my late parents wallets. I never, ever, ever went in my dad's wallet (mum had a ton of coins in her change purse, I used to rifle through that as a kid for candy money). I was eager to see what my dad carried around in it. I believe this was the wallet my dad

had on him when he died. It contained the usual ID's, a couple of business cards of his, his friends etc and in the very back behind his RAF ID was a folded up piece of blue paper with faded out writing on it. It was an airmail letter sent from Glasgow, Scotland on June 15th, 1963. It is the only letter that I know of that was addressed to my parents by my dad's dad or as I call him, my Grandpa Cardle. I never met either one of my Grandpa's. He wrote this from his hospital bed and it was most likely the last letter he ever wrote before he passed away. He was writing to ask if they'd received a parcel he had sent for the "new baby" (that would be me). He sent me a Scottish Doll and I believe I still have it. If I keep up with the box purges it should show up soon and I'll post a photo. What a thrill it was to find such a thing and it really filled me with a ton of emotions thinking my dad carried that around for all of those years and that I found it. I'm glad I found it.

Keep your butts at home people, practice physical distancing, wash your hands, stay healthy. If you're in the essential services biz or are a frontline hospital worker you have my utmost respect and prayers. Be Safe.

Peace, love and kumbaya,


P.S.-Congratulatins to Mindy Ramsay for winning the participation prize from last week's blog! Thanks to all of you who took part in it. I enjoyed seeing your "isolation spaces". Mindy, shoot me a DM when you get a chance.

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