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#FrameItFriday (week 14, season 2)

#FrameItFriday ( week 14, season 2)

I've been re-writing this week's blog in my head and through my keyboard over and over this morning. Initially it was to be a rant about technology, software, firmware, flabby wear yada yada yada. I've decided not to rant as much or even about all the aforementioned because it really is a waste of valuable time and energy and will accomplish nothing. I will instead focus on fixing it myself. However, this is what I do have to say in keeping with my current #ChickPicotheDay shot (of the 2 merganser)........garbage, trash, coffee cups, cigarette butts, plastic bottles.....WTF is wrong with people? Like the photo here, how can you just stick your hand out the car window and drop an empty coffee cup on to the ground and walk away? Why can't you hang onto it and dispose of it when you get around a garbage can? It's disgusting. So here's what I'M planning on doing about it. I didn't invent it, I'll just join in and bring along a reusable/recyclable bag that I can collect garbage that I find when I'm out and about. It will be interesting to see what and how much I collect. Anybody else out there doing it already? My late friend Roger never left the house without his trusty grabbing stick and bags to collect on his walks, rides and paddles. I think I'll copy him. Anyhow that's all I got this week. My photo software is crashing on my computer every time I open it so I gotta figure out WTF that is about because I can't edit any pictures (if you know how to fix it, pm me. I'm using CS5 and I'm on a Mac with Mojave operating system, any tips would be welcome). Sorry for saying WTF so many times. Peace, love and kumbaya Heather

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