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#FrameItFriday (week 12 season 5)

#FrameItFriday (week 12 season 5)

BAM! FINALLY! I am so, so thrilled to have FINALLY, after lots of $$$ in gas, lots of trudging along many a trail, thinking EVERY hole in EVERY tree had an owl peeping out of it (probably do) I spotted this guy deepish in the woods on a drizzly day. I am so, so grateful I was alone with this gorgeous creature. Why? Oh just because I was acting like such a goof, chatting softly to it, baby talking, you know, cooing over it. He must have thought "what the heck are you going on about human, get your pics and hit the road, I'm hunting for my lunch here." It was all over in a couple of minutes, I didn't want to harass it. This is what they call a Barred Owl, he looks big and heavy but look at the skinny little branch he's perched on. He. It could very well be a she, anyone know how to tell? I can't even think straight and form sentences right now (don't you dare say "what else is new" lol). What day is it? Oh ya, it's Friday....duh. That's all I got for you this week, I'm going to celebrate crossing this guy off my bucket list! I think I'll do that by going to find the next "thing" on my list and capture an image of it. My owl friend didn't move much except for his head so be prepared to see one or 2 more shots of him/her.

Peace, love and kumbaya, Heather

#BarredOwl #Lifer #Tweedness #HastingsCounty #HeatherCardlePhotographer #PrayForUkraine

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