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#FrameItFriday (week 12 season 4)

#FrameItFriday (week 12, season 4)

Saw a Bluebird the other day. Just the one. It could care less about posing for a photo op, it was on it's way immediately following this shot. It's a male. I've read that alot of male birds migrate back before the girls do in order to set establish or re-establish their territories before, you know, they hook up and make the babies. Seems like a legit idea.

Spring is what, one day away? That's exciting even if we had a pretty tame winter in southwestern Ontario. Lots of large gatherings of chirping birds (no covid rules for them) are suddenly around us and as we've been walking a lot of the trails we've noticed so many tiny nests that have withstood this past winter and await returning occupants. I hope to see them occupied in the months to come.

I've booked a final session at the Canadian Raptor Conservancy down in Vittoria for next week. Since we're leaving the area I wanted one more opportunity to learn the mannerisms of birds of prey, practice shooting birds in flight and say my goodbyes to some of the folks and birds I've met there over the years. They won't just be around the corner anymore. So, hopefully I'll be posting some images from my session there by the end of this month. A little refresher course won't hurt me. I've seen a lot of posts made by my new neighbours that there are quite a few species of owls to be spotted at our new house so I'd like to get

a few pointers on how to find them.

Bird is the word then. Spring is a day away. It's getting warmer out. Soon we'll be wearing shorts and t-shirts again and going kayaking and stuff. It's exciting! Are you ready or have you been in seasonal denial these past few months and have worn summer clothes and flip flops all winter long like my husband has? LOL Whatever floats your boat, bring on the Spring and STAY SAFE!

Peace, love and kumbaya


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