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#FrameItFriday (week 12 season 3)

#FrameItFriday (Week 12, Season 3)

I don't want to jinx us but it's feeling a bit Springy out (asides from the fact that it technically is) and well this Mama Bear (meaning moi) is slowly coming out of hibernation. Next step is, tossing off those bulky winter coats and I can't wait!

It was nice to finally have almost a full day to wander and shoot yesterday. I had to take some shots out of town for a client and I decided, well....since I'm already HERE, I may as well work my way over to THERE.

I dawdled to get to THERE and along the way, completely coated my car in dirt road muck. It felt good and I've heard dirt keeps the rust from attacking the car so it can stay on until it rains.

I discovered a few "new to me" roads which was exciting and I went along a few of my favs to check in on some "abandoneds" to see how they survived winter.

Don't worry....I'm getting to the point I'm trying to today's shot. I've driven past this spot at least 50 times and thought "that would make an interesting shot" but never took a photo. I'd make a mental note to take one next time I passed it. As you can see, I finally stopped and took the shot (from the ditch with the little tiny stream running through it and I got a soaker but I got the shot). What do you think of it? Would you hang a shot like that up on your walls?

Occasionally I'll go through some of my past images and say "OMG, that place got bulldozed, that cool tree fell over, that ice cream stand is GONE and the worst one ever....sadly they passed away".

So my point (and I think I say this often), my point is (here comes a little bit of a sales pitch, but it is how I pay my bills, put gas in my car and most importantly FEED STELLA CAT LOL)....for the third point should hire me to take some of your family, couples, babies, toddlers, teens, friends, pets photos taken. Easter AND Mother's Day is quickly approaching, that's a good reason to get some images done. For most of us, it's been too long since you've updated a proper photo of your family right?? Hey, I'm guilty of it myself but I plan to rectify that at the end of April. I have a variety of time pockets available, so message, text or call me to book a quick fun session. I believe my rates are fair and I give you a good count on images to chose from.

OK, got that little plug out of the way....STAY TUNED I've got some old fav abandoned houses poised to be posted here along with a couple of new ones coming up in the next week. Oh and I bought an annual Provincial Park pass so I'll be exploring a few more parks over the next months...I'm excited about that!!!

I hope you all are swell, healthy, etc and I thank you for all of your wonderful comments, likes and shares on my page. Have a great weekend and sorry I talked so much.

Peace, love and kumbaya Heather

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